Office Assistant
Garrison Data Services Inc.
Pinellas Park, FL, USA
Job Posted:
30+ days ago

Office Assistant

Garrison Data Services is looking for a reliable and diligent individual to assist with the management and coordination tasks required to run an I.T. consulting business. Candidates should be able to assist management and clients with informational requests, office tasks, communications, coordination efforts, and scheduling.

Candidates are expected to be professional, polite, and attentive, while also being accurate. A firm grasp on the English language, with attention to grammar, spelling, and linguistic accuracy is required. Administrative Assistants must be comfortable with computers and excel at both verbal and written communication. Most importantly, Administrative Assistants should have a genuine desire to meet the needs of others and anticipate those needs when possible.

Your everyday tasks will include (but are not limited to):
- Sending out documents and information to clients
- Coordinating and re-scheduling meetings & appointments
- Organizing consultant calendars and keeping them accurate
- Sending out client thank you cards, gifts, and niceties
- Fielding calls from vendors and handling vendor communications
- Scanning, emailing, filing, and archiving documents & receipts
- Collecting and collating information from technical reports for client reporting needs
- Handling client communications, calls, and emails
- Performing research on topics, news, and information at management's request
- Answering incoming calls and client inquiries
- Entering administrative tickets into client management system
- Coordinating consultant site visits
- Opening and/or closing shop when consultants are out of office
- Printing/stapling/organizing documents for consultant and client needs
- Maintaining inventory of office supplies
- Managing and entering accurate contact information into various information systems
- Basic office upkeep tasks as necessary, including sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning windows, etc.
- Intake of client info and details when a client drops off computers/equipment
- Other tasks as designated by management

Basically, we need your help handling everything that isn’t deeply I.T. related, so that our consultants can focus on spending their time doing what they do best.

- The right attitude. We need individuals with a helpful, positive mindset.
- Willingness to learn. We don’t expect someone to start out knowing everything, but we do expect that you will want to learn. If you show up each day willing to work and learn, you will do well here.
- Excellent written communication skills. You need to be comfortable working in Microsoft Outlook, sending and receiving emails for much of your day.
- Excellent verbal communication skills. You need to be able to speak clearly and concisely to clients.
- Patience. As the office assistant, you will be the first point of contact when clients misunderstand company communications or have questions. We expect you to remain calm, cool, and collected while coaching clients through to the best possible conclusion.
- You should be comfortable using technology and web-based software applications. Much of what you will do as an office assistant involves operating office equipment (such as scanners and printers) as well as desktops, laptops, and cloud-based software.
- Organization skills. You will frequently run into situations where you may be working on one task, receiving emails on another, and answering client calls. You need to be able to handle situations like this in stride, without dropping the ball, forgetting, or sending information to the wrong client.
- Diligent. If management makes a request, we need you to be able to track that request down and complete it, regardless of whether it takes a day or a year. Once something has been handed off to you, we need you to take full responsibility for completing it.
- Accurate. We work in consulting, where the accuracy of our speech and our word selection is critical. There is a large difference between telling a client that they “should” do something, versus they “need” to do something. Our success relies on your understanding and application of these linguistic differences.

Applicants will earn additional credibility in consideration if they can also bring any and/or all of the following skills to the table:

1. Help Desk/Tier 1/Desktop Support experience. (The ability to solve basic client tech issues such as restarting printers, checking that cables are plugged in, joining the WiFi, etc.)

2. Sales experience. (Although this is not a sales position, you will be the first point of contact for inbound calls and inquiries. Sales experience goes a long way towards understanding how to handle these sorts of inbound inquiries. As the person answering the phones, you will effectively be the voice of our company.)

3. Marketing experience. (Although this is not a marketing position, it would be beneficial for you to be able to assist with marketing efforts and/or social media engagement)

4. Graphic design. (If you are able to contribute graphical expertise here and there for minor company efforts and client communications, it would be helpful.)

5. Thoroughness! Congratulations. If you made it this far into the job description and actually read the whole thing, tell us in your cover letter. We’ll move your resume to the top of the pile.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation and ongoing pandemic, interviews will be conducted via phone & video conferencing. Once a job candidate has been identified, their first day of work will not occur until after the quarantine restrictions have been lifted. We are identifying potential candidates at this time for hiring in the May-June timeframe.