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Music Journalist

This one-of-a-kind program focuses on developing skills essential to working as a full time or freelance music journalist. The focus is on working in real time, so students will have all the skills necessary to embark on a career as a music journalist.

This program teaches the real skills that music writers need to be successful: how to interview, how to work with publicists and managers, how to get on promo and guest lists, how to craft a smart, funny and insightful review, and most importantly, how to get paid for doing what you love. 

If you are serious about giving it a shot as a music journalist, this program can give you the extra edge to help you stand out.

CMN also features a program on Podcasting, which is part of the music learning experience.

College credit is available and encouraged for this position. We can provide a full evaluation of your work as well as schedule of tasks and learning goals.

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