Marketing & Sales Director
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Natalie Annette
Houston, TX, USA
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Marketing & Sales Director

Natalie Annette is a lifestyle brand that showcases home decor products designed with passion to promote gathering with friends and celebrating life. The company was established as a Texas Corporation is 2014, and holds three divisions which have a target market of women ages 25 to 65.

The brand consists of three divisions:
Products - The Picnic Collection, The Coastal Collection and The Equestrian Collection
Kids Love Life
The Gift Box That Rocks
Then ultimately, The Grand Festive Picnic, a freestanding retail/showroom/café/event venue

I built this company, and I am the designer of all products. The first product, The Jubilee Collection has recently released. It is distributed by S/H of TX, and sold online through e-commerce. I am growing my business worldwide with retailers and niche markets. I am looking to build my team. There are numerous tasks that can be outsourced, however, I need a team player who is capable of establishing a foundation of systems, as well as offering unsurpassed customer service to accompany the quality products entering the marketplace.

I am seeking an individual who is methodical in thought, organized, creative, intelligent, focused, ambitious, detailed oriented, well-versed with Microsoft Office, business savvy, resourceful and understands customer service. The position holds the potential to be an executive role with accommodating compensation. As I see it, a weekly Monday morning meeting will be held to list the tasks of the week, then they will be executed. I will be available as needed. Due to various strengths and weaknesses among individuals, adapting accordingly and addressing issues will be handled as they present themselves.

Initially, I need two players. One in marketing and sales. One in Social Media.

The website is ------------

The team players I am seeking need to be motivated, excited and interested in growing with the company. I am looking for a long term player with integrity and transparency, who wants to see Natalie Annette as an established brand in the market. There is travel opportunity with trade shows, and manufacturing. There is design opportunity with boutique hotels and restaurants. This team player must know PowerPoint and Excel.

For good order, I do not expect all of these characteristics to be forefront. I understand it takes time to grow and learn, however, the willingness is a requirement.

marketing, sales, social media, enthusiastic, intelligent, ambitious, hard working, fun, smart