Marketing Internship
Washington, DC, USA
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Marketing Internship

About Solvent

Solvent provides a safe payment option to consumers and a risk platform for financial institutions that combats money-laundering, fraud and identity theft before it happens. We build integrated technologies that stand between traditional banking, merchants and customers that grant transparency to transactions to reduce the risk of money laundering, fraud, and identity theft.

We validate each transaction, it’s purchaser and acquirer before completing a purchase either using a credit card or virtual payment. We do this through anonymous background checks, geo-fencing, and purchase patterns to eliminate the risk to banks while protecting consumer privacy and security.

Traditionally, fraud detection happens after a transaction resolves either by the customer or by a compliance officer at a bank. Roughly 190 billion dollars in financial fraud is lost every year and competition is growing to improve risk measuring and analysis within the bank. The Solvent value proposition is that we perform risk detection at the transaction level before it reaches financial services. This removes all liability for financial institutions in fraudulent transactions and provides banks with data points that allow them to mitigate risk better than their current architecture.

Internship Opportunity

We are looking for a talented marketing intern to join our Summer Internship program. Your duties will include collaborating with the team to create innovative marketing campaigns, co-managing Solvents digital media accounts, and support the development of our education platform.

Experience with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and creating digital media preferred.

If you are tech-savvy with an interest in content creation and communication, we would like to meet you.

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