Marketing Intern
Thespian Studios
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Marketing Intern

Thespian Studios is a small production company startup in the Seattle region, looking to expand (remotely) to other cities, such as Los Angeles and New York, as well. Since we are still a very small company, this leaves plenty of room for growth as well; we plan to bring in many more people this year, so you could move up in the ranks very quickly (Note: internship is unpaid, and part-time unless otherwise requested).

Our marketing interns must be goal-oriented and driven to create. T.S. was founded on creativity and passion, so it is important to keep that motivation alive with all collaborators and employees. Here is the job information.

- Manage Thespian Studios social media
- Create and collaborate on ideas and improvements for marketing
- Create graphics, posters/flyers, and edit publicity photos, keeping the T.S. "look/feel", and high quality
- Participate in local/community and business outreach, as we are highly-based in relationships with others
- Keep a list of contacts for marketing (including but not limited to: news papers/reporters, blogs, and other companies & artists)
- Help in the planning of all present and future marketing for Thespian Studios (films/projects are separate, but may be discussed if intern shows interest)
- Keep up to date on current film industry standards/trends within marketing and content
- A monthly report on this month's marketing results (including, but not limited to: averages reach, average response percentage, etc.), what created the results, and what could use improvement. Predictions and a plan pitch for the next month is required. (As we are only a small company, do not worry about being too in-depth, this is to grow as a company, not get internet-famous).

- Minimum 2 years marketing experience preferred
- Credible social media marketing experience
- High school diploma/GED
- Minimum 18 years old
- Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and/or Lightroom
- Photography experience preferred
- Goal-oriented and driven for the long-run
- Last, but most importantly, we hope you have a passion for the arts as well. We want everybody to be able to see our vision, and our company/collaborators to share that vision with us. Check our social media and YouTube for an idea at ------------

Please submit a Cover Letter, Resume, and and Links/Portfolio information/Social Media handles you would like to share!

NOTE: We are hiring by August 4th 2020, as we are working on a film premiere, and looking to get you right into some work.

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