Legal Intern
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The Law Offices of Daniel Kim
Costa Mesa, CA, USA
Job Posted:
30+ days ago

Legal Intern

- No legal experience necessary.
- GPA of 3.3 or above preferred.
- Nine months to one year paid internship program.
- Legal field aspirations preferred.

Internship Description:

Assist the four “Legal Divisions” assigned to the firm’s clients which includes, but is not limited to, assisting with finding various services to meet clients’ needs; facilitating plans for clients’ care, treatment and/or recovery; working with health care providers; tracking clients' treatment plans and progress; ensuring case file maintenance; and establishing protocols and procedures for consistent case flow.


- Request medical and billing records from all medical providers, physicians, ambulance providers, and hospitals (prior and present)
- Contact client(s)
- Answer all questions and inquiries
- Obtain any missing information and/or documents
- Prepare letter to request medical records and billings * Communicate with (and fulfill document requests) of insurance adjusters
- Request Declaration Page and status of liability (i.e. has liability been accepted)
- Follow up to assist with any Property Damage (PD) issues
- Ensure Acknowledgement Letter received * Determine status of respondent’s - insurance coverage with ML Research
- Request policy limits (if it hasn’t been done) * Ensure maintenance of the firm’s pipeline and status of cases up-to-date in CRM (i.e. CASEpeer)
- Establish contact with physicians and/or chiropractors for status on clients’ treatment
- Update CRM with updated medical records and billing (should be done each month)
- Follow up on status of imaging orders (i.e. MRIs, etc.) as to client care
- Attend to Lien reductions
- Advise (in writing) all medical providers/facilities a settlement has been reached
- Send Lien Reduction Request to providers/facilities for review and approval
- Obtain final lien amounts from medical providers/facilities
- Prepare Disbursement Sheet for client (Excel document) * Compose Demand Package/Demand Process
- Collect all medical and billing records (i.e. orthopedic, pain management, chiropractic, emergency room, ambulance, diagnostic studies and urgent care records)
- Request final liens from health insurance carriers and then provide demand packet to the relevant Legal Division to write a demand. If 3P limits are tendered and 1P has UIM, create a demand packet for the Legal Settlement Division to write a 1P demand
- Once demand is written by the Legal Settlement Division, scan and fax demand out.
- Contact adjuster to confirm demand was received and is being reviewed
- Provide adjuster with Legal Division’s contact information
- Set an activity/docket for relevant Legal Division to follow up with adjuster re: need for any additional documents
- Docket an “Notes” for your assigned Legal Division in CASEpeer for Demand expiration * Offers In (1st, 2nd and 3rd)
- Relay offer to client, get authority to reject and negotiate for a higher offer
- Compose counter demand if offer is low
- Contact insurance adjusters to discuss settlement * Follow up on expired Demands
- Other roles may be assigned based on your skill sets and abilities

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