Landscape Irrigation Specialist
Pro Care Horticultural Service
Carmel, Indiana, USA
Job Posted:
14 days ago

Landscape Irrigation Specialist

We are looking for special people.

Someone who is a very "hands on". Our ideal candidate is a more seasoned individual. Someone that enjoys working at a smaller more family oriented safe environment and culture where everyone has an opportunity to make a difference and can have an immediate impact. Someone with a well rounded background with knowledge in all aspects of landscape irrigation operations, testing, repair, renovation and installations. Having additional experience in landscape construction, installation, landscape care and and maintenance including but not limited too landscape plan reading, planting care for all types of plantings, landscape lighting and electrical, water feature, waterfalls, and pond care, carpentry skills to build structures, decks, fences and or screens, landscape renovations, upgrades, enhancements or modifications, as well as salt and snow removal experience is very valuable. This person should be able to communicate with Hispanics and efficiently and effectively manage multiple people when necessary. Good mechanical aptitude and equipment operation are also desired.

This person must be self motivated, conscientious, and considerate with the capability of thinking on there feet. They also must be comfortable with customer contact while always making decisions that are both in the best interest of the customer and the company. A valid drivers license and the ability to pass a drug test are required for employment consideration but we will be there every step of the way to help you achieve the rest. This is very much a team position where your education, creative skills, ideas, knowledge and abilities will be routinely called upon to help elevate the work we do for our customers to levels they never dreamed possible!!!

But...we also understand that finding this ideal individual may not always be practical. So... we are also looking for an individual or individuals that want to be this person. Someone who can build themselves from the ground up to become a very important cog within our company team. Someone who has the desire and enthusiasm to learn and absorb these things and so much more... like a sponge. We realize what we want might sound like a lot to some. Just remember that even if you only posses half of these skills, but the desire to become efficient in the still might be the right guy!!

If you enjoy working outside and making a difference in peoples lives then this is the job for you. We won't kill you with excessive overtime!!! As a matter of fact it would be exactly the opposite of that!!! We want to make sure you have time for friends and family. While we believe the jobs and services we perform are important and can makes a tremendous difference to our customers... we also know that there is certainly a lot more to life then this job.

We want you to remember that we believe in you and trust that with an open mind, drive, discipline, and determination we know you can accomplish anything!!

You might even see your handy work in local and national magazines.

If you love this industry, and love being hands on outside, then don't overlook what just might be one of the better decisions of your life!! This position has benefits that could include PTO, Vacation Pay, 401, as well as Medical and Dental Insurance.


Landscape Irrigation Specialist