Junior Events Consultant
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Imagine Scholar
San Luis Obispo, CA, USA
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Junior Events Consultant

Want to get your feet wet in the world of nonprofits? Join our passionate team committed to running and financing the grassroots Imagine Scholar program. Over the last 9 years, our team has developed a portfolio of development techniques and strategies. We're excited to teach you what we know (about event planning, marketing and fundraising), empower you to test and try some of it on your own, and ultimately learn from you as well along the way! By the end of this internship, you'll have had real experience with project management, fundraising, marketing, communication, event planning, and innovative thinking. We'll help you build experience for your CV while contributing to a great cause.

Who We Are Looking For: Someone keen to grow professional skills in a meaningful way, and looking to take on a flexible project (could be a one week to two month thing)! We're happy to talk through your goals and availability, and build a relationship that fits your timeline. Also, many of our volunteers have ended up coming to visit/volunteer on site in South Africa to bring the experience full circle. It's of course not a must, but a wonderful perk we can explore or discuss with you.

Expected Tasks:

Learning about the Imagine Scholar story
Ideating fundraising activities, ideas and opportunities with our team
Hosting/planning/running at least on online campaign, activity, or event with our support and mentorship. Think anything from crowdrise fundraiser to benefit yard sales to bingo parties to marathon fundraisers - you name it, we've done it and can help!
Marketing, social media and communication
Content design for events such as fliers and invitation
Event logistics, coordination, and management


As hinted above, we're flexible! Want to try your hand at running an online campaign for a week - we're in to support you! Wanting to make this more of a formal internship/position with multiple projects, we'd love to talk through ideas with you. This position can be done from anywhere in the world, and hours are flexible (what times of day and how much time are up to you).

Get to Know More About Us

Meet one of our alumni, Simphiwe Fakude: ------------

Meet an Imagine Scholar, Samk: ------------

Get recent updates from our facebook page: ------------

Learn more about our history and programming on our website: ------------

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**As we are a South African based organization, we encourage international interns and staff to come spend time on-site at our education center in South Africa! Additionally, we often hire internally for longer-term positions, so this is a great starting place to get connected with a impactful and innovative non-profit.

Something about our post spark a feeling or idea for you? We'd love to hear from you! Please send a short voice or text note introducing yourself, what drew you to the post, and what kind of timeline or amount of time you're available to join forces with us!

Email Megan via ------------ or whatsapp at ------------ (currently in South Africa at program site)