Intern - HR and Admin
Intern - HR and Admin

Company Overview:

The DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation was created to teach children basic financial and economic literacy skills to promote life-long financial health. DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation Inc. (DMFLF), a 501(c)(3) organization, is working to close the financial literacy gap in our country and build stronger, financially literate communities -- one student, one classroom, one school at a time. DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation created and provides an eight-unit curriculum that includes lessons, activities, and the highest quality to schools and teachers at no cost. We have developed a student-centered financial literacy curriculum that is standards-based and provides 60 hours for high school students. We are presently engaging schools and educators within central New Jersey communities. We would appreciate your support in expanding our financial literacy education program for teens and advancing our vision of "A Financially FIT America." The Foundation works closely with educators, opinion makers, business leaders, and families to dramatically improve financial literacy and prepare the next generation for better financial decisions.

Internship Program Requirements:
The DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation (DMFLF) offers unpaid Internships to current students and recent graduates interested in learning the inner workings of a nonprofit organization. Volunteers will be paired with a Foundation team member for one-on-one mentorship to gain hands-on experience in their area of interest. To volunteer, the applicant must:
• Be available to work 15–22 hours per week during regular business hours at DMFLF HQ Princeton, NJ.
• Have excellent verbal and written communication skills and a high level of computer and subject matter competency.
• Be self-motivated, organized, willing to help with any project, no matter how large or small, and balance multiple priorities at once.
• Have a strong desire to make a difference, a passion for the DMFLF mission, a

positive attitude, and a sense of humor.
Description of Human Resources and Administration Team:
The HR and Administration team will assist the overall office management and coordination, including customer service, filing, planning, and executing volunteer recruitment and training, HR, and Time records management using the Foundation’s Customer Relationship Management System. Volunteers will participate in professional development workshops and networking opportunities when offered by the organization. Volunteers will also be responsible for outreach, editorial tasks, and planning special events or activities (Major Donor Friend Raisers, Galas, Financial Literacy Classic).
Specific Administrative duties include:
· Office management, filing, office supplies management, and technical administration.
Specific Human Resources duties include:
· Plan and manage Recruitment for the Foundation.
· Plan and conduct screening and in-person interviews
· Organize and conduct onboarding of new volunteers.
· Track and record volunteer hours.
· Plan and execute volunteer engagement initiatives.

DoughMain Financial Literacy is a 501(c)(3) organization, and so we are a mainly volunteer-based organization.
We prefer to hire only college juniors and seniors as well as alumnae who are recently graduated.

Application Details:

If interested, please be sure to contact Mr. Robert Church and provide him with a copy of your resume.

Contact Information:

Robert Church
Executive Director DMFLF
189 Wall Street
Princeton, NJ 08854
Office:------------ ext. 300