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ONA Creative
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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ONA is a female-driven Creative Agency that specializes in brand strategy, brand identity, social media, and content creation. Our expertise lies in female-led businesses, lifestyle and sports brands. We believe that exceptional people make exceptional work. We are looking to do big things in 2020 and beyond, but we need the right people to do it. Currently looking for ‘DOERS’ and ‘CREATORS’. Hard-working professionals who are proactive, intelligent, and organized. We are interested in those that hustle and deeply care about the work they do. You MUST have an entrepreneurial spirit and be excited to grow quickly.


Looking for an internship that's more than just driving around and picking up coffee? Are you looking for real professional experience? Sick of needing experience in order to get experience? (We know, it doesn’t make sense to us either).

ONA is looking for smart, talented youngsters with a ‘hustle hard’ attitude. At ONA, we’ll treat you like an adult. In fact, we’ll make sure you act like one. Responsibility and accountability are some of the top traits that we look for in our employees and interns, and this is the place where you can prove just that. Because we believe that there’s no better way to learn than by doing.

So if you’re a ‘DOER’ and a ‘CREATOR,’ hit us with a resume. We’ll keep an eye out.

Job description:
As an intern at ONA, you will gain exposure to and participate in strategic and tactical marketing planning and execution of our branding, design social media, email campaigns, and marketing collateral. Intern will assist with marketing campaigns designed to boost social media awareness for ONA clients, but will also be exposed to all elements of a branding/creative agency’s marketing efforts.

Qualities and Characteristics:
Hard-working, self starter, motivated, independent, honest, loyal, articulate, communicative, has a sense of humor and positive attitude, organized, efficient, punctual, confident, firm, decisive, non-judgmental, polite, pleasant, conscientious, practical, spontaneous, thorough, diligent, intelligent, mature, problem-solving, compassionate, good listener, attentive, patient, disciplined, thoughtful, flexible.

More about ONA:

“If you can commit to and live with these principles, then you’re the type of person who will be successful and help our company thrive. If you feel this level of accountability is not right for you, that you’re not willing or able to engage with us at this level and take the steps necessary to do what you say you are going to do and be accountable for your actions…. In other words, live “Above the Line”, then we are not a good fit and you don’t belong here with us. We understand that not every person is ready for this level of commitment, and we appreciate the honesty of those who decide this is not the right place for them. On the other hand, you would make an ideal candidate to join our company if you are willing to commit to the following Above the Line principles:

Passion: You inspire others with your thirst for excellence.

Accountability: See It, own it, solve it, do it.

Curiosity: You learn quickly and eagerly.
“What coaching do you have for me? ... What can I do better?”

Generosity: What have I done to help my teammates today?

Respect for others and their feelings.

Judgment: You will make wise decisions (people, business, and creative) despite ambiguity.

Impact: You accomplish amazing amounts of important work.

Honesty: You say what you think even if it is controversial.

Personal Ownership: Become part of the solution. “What else can I do?”

What’s in it for you?

Please send resume, cover letter and portfolio to ------------

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