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Ignite Social
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Social Media Marketing

The executive team at Ignite Social is seeking social media marketers/influencers to promote and build the Ignite brand.

At Ignite, we receive thousands of applications and requests every week from people who want to work with us. Because of this intense interest, Ignite has now created a way to make that happen through Ignite Social. If you’re one of those interested in working with Ignite, click the link below to get started!

There are no costs to be an Ignite social media marketer/influencer ever. All you need to do is have fun promoting the Ignite brand to your followers on social media and encourage them to do just what you had the foresight to do – join Ignite Social. Actively selling Ignite branded products or having knowledge of the products is NOT required. Once Ignite launches the specially formulated products in the coming weeks, the Ignite brand and our one-of-a-kind, premium quality products will sell themselves. Until then, it’s all about spreading the word about Ignite Social to your followers.

Responsibilities Include: Promoting the Ignite brand on social media Some travel required Attending Ignite events, conventions, and parties Must be professional, self-motivated, and have an entrepreneurial spirit Must prove your ability to influence others to promote the Ignite brand Must have a competitive character and be team-oriented Must be able to work flexible hours Must be able to follow instructions and be coachable To qualify, you will be expected to prove yourself on social media regardless of the size of your following Depending on how hard you work, there is potential to earn over six figures per month

To be a successful Ignite social media marketer/influencer:
1. Enlist in Ignite Social by clicking the link below and entering your email
2. Paste your link into your social media post with the script (for example) – “If you’d like to work with Ignite, click the link”
3. To level up and rank higher, master Ignite Social by simply repeating this process with every post! Note: Those with 1,000 followers can actually be more successful through Ignite Social than those with 100,000 followers (or more) – it just depends on your level of engagement with your followers.

REQUIREMENT: To work with Ignite as a social media marketer/influencer, you MUST start by clicking this link and entering your email:


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