Health Services Assistant (Camp Nurse)
Mercersburg Academy Summer Programs
Mercersburg, PA, USA
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30+ days ago

Health Services Assistant (Camp Nurse)

The health services assistant will assist the school’s full-time health center in the daily care of summer campers, including minor first aid and supervision of self-administration of medications at meals or in the dorms. The health services assistant is often the first contact for campers, counselors, and directors in the event of a medical need.

Responsibilities and Duties
• Collect and review health forms at registration and become familiar with camper needs. Discuss camper needs with parents when applicable.
• Supervise self-administration of prescribed medications to campers in the dorm or during meals.
• Provide First Aid to campers when needed.
• Contact parents in the event of an injury or illness.
• Act as the point of contact for all internal programs for the health center.
• Maintain first aid kits and medical kits used by counselors and other summer programs staff.
• Maintain inventory of first aid kit supplies and coordinate the purchase of needed supplies with the Office of Summer and External Programs.
• Supervise and check up on campers who are required to stay in the health center.
• Drive campers to doctor appointments as scheduled by the health center.
• Be present at special activities that might require additional supervision including scheduled off-campus trips.
• Assist nurses in the health center as needed.
• Assist program directors as requested.

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