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TreeFolks, Inc.
Austin, TX, USA
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GIS internship

TreeFolks' Reforestation Team is looking for a GIS intern this summer to help with data management, map making, and SOP writing. Data for reforestation services is currently separated by year, so we need someone that can clean it up, compile it into a cohesive whole, and export it for education and research purposes. Internship start date: ASAP. Internship duration options: May 20th-30th, Mondays in June/July, or a combination. This is a paid internship ($8/hr). To apply, send resume and cover letter to xxx-xxx-xxxx

Reforestation Program GIS internship deliverables (in order of priority)

Set up Travis County Floodplain Reforestation Program basemap (available online), canopy data (shape files provided), creek data (shape files provided), and property lines (shape files provided). Write basic Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
Compile Hays County Reforestation Program maps into one cohesive file (currently separated by year) and export maps for research purposes. Write basic SOPs.
Explore Bastrop County Reforestation Program data and export maps for research purposes. Elaborate on already existing SOPs.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in this context pertain to basic step-by-step instructions as to how one arrives at the desired outcomes. SOPs are GIS-related only and not programmatic.

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