Functional Medicine Internship
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Functional Medicine Internship

Job Description
This Internship position requires that you are up & down, moving around, connecting one on one, educating & being positive & upbeat in the face of heavy symptoms.....

You will help take members from entry to transformation & everywhere in between.

...........Imagine intaking a young child's mother sharing "he's just never been able to connect, he's been labeled in school, he shy's away from his peers, at times he's angry or distant, nothing we have done has helped, he's been this way his whole 7 yrs, we've tried everything." Imagine taking this mother & child through healing devices/stations and in 2 sessions have the mother come in in tears stating, "It's like we have our son for the very first time." Or a woman w benign fibroids, bleeding 22 days a month, w anxiety level so high she was considering asking to go on some medication to combat her anxiety that was starting to involve paranoia to where she couldn't drive her son to water polo due to fear & panic driving on highway..........who's care provider says, "this is normal as you are aging." And, schedules no blood work, no follow up ultrasound to monitor, nothing. 3 sessions later, she stops bleeding completely, works for weeks to get a copy of her ultrasound, and finally does. Schedules follow up ultrasound to monitor fibroids. How about helping a woman & her son who both admit they have PTSD from a terrible situation. 2 sessions later, son is coming home more & inviting his friends over. Joint pain, infertility, headaches, GI issues, chronic poison ivy, the list goes on and on.

This is the medicine we all knew was possible. Finally, brought out to the masses.

Your Internship role will include stepping in as a trained, Member Services TransformationAssistant of our MedSpa/Cutting edge Environmental Detox & Rejuvenation Center business. This is a great way to receive top notch knowledge expertise in the Energy Medicine/Alternative Medicine Field, and get your needed hours in & receive great letters of recommendation to prep you to attend P.A. or Nursing/Nurse Practitioner/Physicans Asst, or other holistic career.

Learn to extend your confidence when meeting new clients, greeting all the members with clarity, confidence & a magnetic personality, guiding & leading them where they need to go…….

You will be learning in a cutting edge, membership based healing & detox concept where members go through and use the healing equipment you set them up on, to truly eliminate even the toughest symptoms.

You will learn how to start them in their healing circuit, prioritize which stations they need to detox & rejuvenate themselves, explaining devices & benefits, educating & inspiring, often for the very first time, connecting them to their customized program, with equipment they will learn to use & love…..This Internship will integrate both Front Desk & Back Office Duties, so you will learn all the ins and outs of 60 yrs combined experience in holistic medicine, as well as Western knowledge base.

This is a very rewarding Internship position for someone that might desire to have a degree in healing arts/medicine.You will be able to help people truly heal through your assistance on levels unimaginable before we rolled out our concept. We are asking for a 6 month minimum comittment for this Internship, so you will get an in depth knowledge over this period that isn't suited for learning quicker than that to be effective and absorbed properly.

You will learn to provide cutting edge Heavy Metal testing with a EU device, and other testing modalities that help us determine whats underneath physical or emotional symptoms holding someone back. This testing will be written up in a report & utilized to customize the members healing program.

This Internship lends itself to someone that is proficient with the following skills:

Great communicator with open, fun, loving energy will shine in this internship.

Great listener, fast learner.Learn how to help patients/members achieve real relief from their physical symptoms while connecting with people on a true level, getting & giving inspiration all the while. (generally not the way practitioner/client relationships look).

MAC Savvy helpful, with open, approachable mannerisms & professional posture, so you can learn dialoging with members about their memberships, schedules, symptomatic changes, etc.

Background of working with various yoga, medical or other healthcare scheduling software would be helpful, otherwise you will learn the ins & outs of scheduling software.Mind Body online, Booker, Rosy Salon Software, and the like.

If you have a background in Physical Therapy, Chiropractic or Medical Assisting,you will find our healing concept refreshing & inspiring, or are wanting to integrate eastern medicine into your western training, you'll learn from a doctor & 1 holistic practitioner 60 yrs of combined knowledge in all facets of cutting edge medicine.

Love to educate & inspire?The word "Doctor" means "Educator." We embody this definition. Knowledge is power. Everyone coming in is going to be new to this concept, because what we have, nobody else has. Our concept is unique, one of a kind, mostly European devices and protocols, just like the person that will fill the shoes of this internship! If you are a great fit at CLUB HEAL, there may be an opportunity for you to stay on and transition into an employee or independent contractor with our company, for those seeking employment.

Learn more @ ------------.

Internship schedule/Part Time: Tues/Thursday/Saturday,9 am – as early as 2, up until 5 pm, Tues/Thurs/Saturday, Saturdays wrap up earlier

Internship Duration:1 or 2 quarters / 3 - 6 months duration

Job Type: Internship

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