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Hollywood, FL, USA
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Financial Facilitator

Who is a facilitator in business?

A facilitator helps by providing a structure to a process enabling cooperative decision-making. You must note that a facilitator doesn't lead, but rather guides.

As a Financial Facilitator, you will identify a business, individual or family that has a financial need, and refer them to the proper division for assistance in that area. Let's say they have a mortgage to pay off, or need to set up a retirement plan, get a savings plan in place for the children, need an express loan or a line of credit, we connect them with the right service to achieve that goal. Your only goal is to identify the need, No explanation on how that financial solution will work and No sales necessary. But, if you'd like to learn and earn more, will sponsor you for 90% of your licensing.

As a financial brokerage, we have partnerships with dozens of well known successful financial institutions such as National Life Group for annuities( Just one example), Mutual of Omaha for IUL's, Inter Captial Networks for Express loans for business owners, and mortgage acceleration programs for homeowners, AIG for retirement plans, just to name a few...

There will be no boss looking over your shoulders. It pays well and gives you the freedom to work when you want. Our mission is to help as many people as possible while making sure those that work with us get paid well. This is a commission only position, and you set your own hours. We are looking for independent contractors that want to make a difference in the lives of others. Is that you?

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Commission

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