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The Building Buyer
Ft Lauderdale, FL, USA
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30+ days ago



We are looking for a motivated, talented young candidate with a career focus on film and video. We are a small real estate team that wants to start doing vlogs for social media. Our goal is to start building an audience on Youtube that captures us in our day to day operations. We will pay $200 a month for someone to film us a few hours once a week. Our vision is to bring that person part of our team full time in charge of social media if they believe this is the right fit for them. We have done some videos on Youtube already, but we want someone who can do everything for us. These tasks include filming and editing the footage to upload to social media. We will also allow the person to show credit for their work by adding their names to the videos to help them grow their careers and portfolios.


We would prefer it if the candidate has a camera already that has excellent auto-focus.

About The Building Buyer

The Building Buyer was founded by Charles Hanlon and Dylan Troiano with a mission to find real estate opportunities in the South Florida housing market. In the beginning, they started acquiring properties, which included: single-family homes, multi-family homes, and commercial buildings. Those properties were primarily in the Broward and Palm Beach counties. They have now expanded their outreach throughout the state of Florida. Their vision is to strengthen their team while they acquire properties throughout the United States. Opportunity Zones (a federal program created through the investing in Opportunity Act) will become one of their main focuses to source properties for financial institutions.

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