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Los Angeles, CA, United States
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Social Internship

We are a bi-coastal boutique marketing and PR agency based in Los Angeles. Our founders have vast, award-winning experience in the UK, Europe, and the U.S. We are looking for an intern to start immediately in our Los Angeles showroom.

We represent a variety of high profile lifestyle brands, from fashion, art and media.

You will gain experience including:

Fashion PR Showroom
Stylist liaison
Social Media
Office management
Marketing Research

For interns starting in 2019, we are offering a unique modular program with training sessions on the most important areas of PR to ensure that the intern is developing genuine skills. This program is designed to give each intern the best possible introduction to fashion PR and marketing in the digital age.

Our internships are flexible and can be geared towards the experience you are looking for (within the realms of our normal work). There is potential for a part or full-time position at the end of the internship.

We are a small company, affiliated to prominent and internationally known fashion and lifestyle media, and we represent world-renowned clients from the arenas of art, fashion, music, media, philanthropy and beyond.

Experience is an advantage, but not absolutely necessary. We are more interested in finding someone who wants to work in the cutting edge world of fashion and contemporary culture, who is also diligent, hardworking, presentable, and fashion, art and music savvy.

We are in a position to give world-class experience due to our multi-award winning international lifestyle marketing experience and unique learning oriented internship program with dedicated training sessions with the company founders.

The intern will integrate into our small team, on a minimum three-month internship.

Strong writing and computer skills are priorities. A high level of competency in digital and social media is essential. A strong interest in, and knowledge of fashion is a prerequisite and a sense of personal style is also an absolute must!

We believe in developing interns into fully competent professionals. Our founders have huge experience spanning across three decades in top-level fashion/lifestyle marketing and PR, in the UK, Europe and the U.S and we believe that if you give people wings, they will fly. We treat our interns like human beings, and we ensure that they gain experience with REAL projects and earn REAL professional skills. They are made to feel like an integral part of a fantastic team.

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