Executive Assistant
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Vuber Technologies
Seattle, WA, USA
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30+ days ago

Executive Assistant

Help the CEO with schedule, tasks, to manage, operate, and expand the company, organization is a requirement , involves customer service, administrative work, help with some paperwork for sales, marketing, Bus Dev, M & A, HR, recruiting, patents, attorneys, retention, manufacturing, purchasing, some financial work, some brand development, investor relations, new product roll outs, R & D, shipping and receiving new company structuring, partnership structuring, proposals, management, team development, taking calls, making calls, emailing, helping with excel, word and documents in general, managing work flow, working together with the team, scheduling meetings, appts, calls, events, booking flights, and hotels. ETC.

Through this you can learn about all this without knowing any of it, and you will learn how to find investment and how to run and start a business of your own, if you want. The position is also available if the job is done well. Ask about other openings if this does not interest you.

Executive Assistant, Bus Dev, Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, International relations, ETC