Alexander's Hope
Kirkland, WA, USA
Job Posted:
30+ days ago


Alexander’s Hope Executive Assistant Internship:

Responsibilities include:

• Write one blog post per week
• Create a social media image in correlation with the weekly blog post

• Get in contact with someone who has been affected by organ donation, sudden cardiac arrest, etc. to be featured on our Testimonials of Hope page – have testimonial written up and get a photo from them to use.
• Share Alexander’s Hope with friends/family/people through social media post, email blast, creating flyers and hanging them at school, local coffee shop, etc.

On Occasion:
• Assisting the President with daily tasks
o This could include: creating special occasion social media posts, reaching out to groups for Alexander’s Hope Events, volunteering at our annual events, etc.

During first two months of Internship:
• Raise $500 for Alexander’s Hope
o Can be through sharing donation page on social media, over email, through selling items (bake sale, etc.)

Will have a monthly meeting or Zoom call with the Bella Chaffey, President to review the month’s work. Bella will also be available to answer any question throughout the month via phone or email.

2-8 hours per week. Telecommute (mostly). Items due at end of week, can do on your own time.

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