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Masterprep Academy
Irvine, CA, USA
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Job Description

Masterprep Academy is a premier provider of after-school classes and private tutoring services. We specialize in preparing students to score well on standardized tests (ACT, SAT, SSAT, PSAT, SAT Subject, ISEE, USABO, USNCO, AP Tests), but we also support student's academic progress by offering GPA Management and College Admission Counseling services.

The secret to our success is largely due to our:

Small class sizes! We cap our onsite class size at 6 students in order to ensure individualized attention and assistance for each student.
Proprietary curriculum! We develop our own teaching materials for many of our courses, ensuring our instruction is keeping up with changes to local school district curriculum, as well as with changes to standardized test structure and content.
Track record of success! We only hire teachers who have demonstrated an ability to do well on standardized tests, along with a track record of successfully teaching students how to score well on standardized tests.
We seek highly motivated individuals to join our team of educators, administrators, and counselors. Successful candidates should be comfortable working in a fast-paced learning environment. This is an excellent opportunity for qualified candidates looking to join a team of hard-working, proactive, positive, and successful educators.


Our instructors fill a vital role at Masterprep Academy, helping students improve their academic performance through individualized instruction. Working together with our administrative and counseling staff, instructors prepare lesson plans and teach curriculum to students in classroom and online settings. Utilizing their understanding of the subject matter, instructors teach engaging and enriching lessons to help students master the subject matter in preparation for standardized tests, school deadlines, and/or college admissions.


Bachelor's degree in English or related field from an accredited college or university (currently-enrolled juniors and seniors at an accredited university will also be considered) (required)
Master's degree in English or related field from an accredited college or university (preferred)
Experience teaching English in a classroom or online setting (required)
Teaching Certificate (preferred)
Successful track record helping students perform well on standardized tests (required)
Professional communication skills (both spoken and written)
Thorough understanding of exam preparation best practices
Proven experience motivating and encouraging students
Experience developing comprehensive lesson plans
Competent in Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
Able to work independently and collaborate with a team
Enthusiastic about working with students and parents
Able to follow instructions and receive constructive criticism (must be teachable)
Highly organized and detail oriented (attention to detail and accuracy is imperative)
Able to meet schedules and deadlines
Able to maintain strict confidentiality
Professional and respectful
Predictably punctual
Strong work ethic
Highly responsive
Highly proactive
Highly reliable

Develop comprehensive lesson plans
Instruct students in subject matter (English, Reading Comprehension, Creative Writing, etc.) by utilizing best teaching practices required of all Masterprep Academy instructors
Provide advice and guidance to students and parents in order to assist student's academic progress
Monitor individual student progress throughout the course, and provide guidance to students who may be falling behind
Proactively guide, assist, track, and encourage students and parents through course content
Write student evaluations (mid-course and course-end evaluations) to provide meaningful insight and feedback to support, guide, and encourage student's academic growth
Communicate regularly with front desk administrators and follow instructions provided by administrators
Occasionally prepare content for seminars and/or information sessions to inform and instruct students and parents regarding standardized exam preparation processes
Be punctual, reliable, and honest
Pursue appropriate professional development opportunities
Accept and execute additional instructor-related duties as directed by the Site Director
In a nutshell, the job of the Instructor is to help students master the subject matter in preparation for standardized exams

Interested candidates should apply for this position by completing an application on Indeed. An invitation to interview will be extended only to those qualified candidates who 1) submit a cover letter, 2) upload a complete and current resume, and 3) satisfy the basic/required qualifications outlined in this job posting. All candidates invited to interview should arrive at their scheduled interview time with a prepared list of references who can verify candidate's credentials, education, and professional experience.

Prior to scheduled interviews, candidates should prepare to discuss 1) why you are a good fit for this role, 2) how you are the best applicant to fill this role, 3) how you plan to add value to the team at Masterprep Academy, 4) how Masterprep Academy is the right fit for your professional development (hint: do your homework), and 5) your prior success helping students achieve high test scores.

All applicants invited to interview should prepare a 10-15 minute mock lesson (content of your choosing) to help us evaluate your teaching skills, subject mastery, and overall "fit" within our organization.

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $20.00 to $25.00 /hour