Design Branding Intern
Broomfield, CO, USA
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Design Branding Intern

BowBeas Who We Are

We are a family-owned goodness sourced food manufacturer in Broomfield, Colorado specializing in next trend cookies, cinnamon rolls and other bakery good items. We have been in a business for roughly 2 years. As of today, our products are found in local King Sooper stores (cinnamon rolls only) and starting in October 2018 our cookies have been carried in, roughly 90 Natural Grocer locations and 5 local Lucky Market locations.

Our Vision and Mission

To create goodness sourced, guilt-free natural bakery products that are better than conventional baked goods.

To add to life’s pleasures through great tasting guilt-free products

Design Intern Position Overview

BowBeas is looking for a bright, energetic intern who is interested in developing and growing their design and creative skills. The position entails helping us develop our new branding approach to fit our target market (Generation Z/ Moms with young kids). Working in a small start-up environment, you will have the opportunity to use your abstract skills along with creative abilities to help with the design/packaging/branding aspect of our new roll-out. At BowBeas, we live by a motto of “Delegate tasks, create followers, delegate authority, create leaders”. We want to develop leaders, innovators whose ideas are heard and incorporated. With our company, you will be given the tools to succeed, ability to express ideas and the trust (authority) to help make decisions that directly impact the direction of the company. We believe the only way to succeed is by equipping the right people with the right resources at the right time. Our new formula will include bite-size cookies that are gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher, vegan and dairy friendly, low-fat, low sugar and sourced with organic ingredients (potentially). That said, our next step is to enhance our logo, package design and branding from a visual standpoint for the roll-out of our new items. This project will be active over the next few months so no better time to jump in!


This is an unpaid internship that is 10-20 hours a week (time is flexible). Our office is located in Broomfield, Colorado and we would have you meet us there on workdays (or local coffee shops). We are actively starting the roll-out process for our products and you will have a hands-on role working closely with the National Sales Manager to bring-to-life our brand. We are committed to equipping you with tools to succeed and your input will be heard.

Being in the start-up stage, this position has plenty of potential but requires someone who can have missional buy-in. There isn’t much-to-lose but as we scale, things can change really quick so there is plenty to gain. To be honest, it’s very exciting, we are on the cuff of going places. We don’t want to over-promise and under-deliver, but we would be lying if our goal would be to see this intern only be here for a short-time. Think about it, our brand could include your input and be seen in retailers nationwide!

Design Intern Job Duties and Responsibilities (All duties will be performed under the direction of the National Sales Manager)

• Help to develop new packaging and branding that visually enhance our products
• Help create and develop new brand identity
• Identify and focus on target market, emerging consumer trends to help cultivate brand and packaging imagery
• Enhance logo, design and packaging to include additional marketing material (pop-up banners, marketing materials, etc.) for the BowBeas family of products

If you feel this could be you, email JJ at xxx-xxx-xxxx with your interest and we will call to schedule a time to chat.

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