Roswell, GA, USA
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NBK is a multi brand business that includes personal brands, and other professional businesses. We have a vision for building our business; having the biggest impact in the region, and helping grow brands of our partners. To date we have been successful on our scrappy efforts and looking to build on our proven systems to now scale and test new product offerings.

The ideal candidate is obsessed with social media insights and has a passion for writing copy of all shapes and sizes based on the nuances of each platform, from tweets and captions to editorial articles optimized for LinkedIn - you can capture a person's voice and translate it to effective, engaging copy. The candidate wants to gain hands on experience building sites that deliver their messages and requires a bit of curiosity to work on these leading platforms - wordpress, clickfunnels, ads manager.

You are energetic and organized enough to thrive in an extremely fast paced environment while collaborating with a growing team to produce great work. You like to wear many hats, learn new things every day, and have the ability to switch from client to client with ease and excitement.

This role is for someone who wants to to build something with a fast growing team. You must be comfortable figuring things out and experimenting to find a breakthrough or optimization. And most importantly, you have a growth hacker mindset.

Responsibilities / Expertise:
Manage editorial and content calendars for multiple brands across multiple platforms - from organization to brand approvals to publishing and optimization.
Understand personal branding and be able to communicate via writing in the "voice" of several emerging and established Talent personalities,
Write copy for all content calendars - from social posts to email blasts, podcast introductions to long form articles
Transcribe audio from client videos and translate into valuable blog posts and articles - essentially becoming a ghostwriter for 30 minutes every day
Publish all content on behalf of brand clients, keeping a close eye to optimize tags, messaging, captions and more
Package content calendars for clients
Communicate with clients directly when needed to advance the work
Know the platform nuances intimately, coupled by community management best practices
Internship unpaid up to $10/hour
To apply, complete: ------------

vlog, personal brand, marketing, wordpress, articles, clickfunnel,