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Committee to Elect Julia Mejia
Boston, MA, USA
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Campaign Intern

It’s Time...we have a ​bold​ VOICE​ in the Boston City Council

Are you interested in activating your local community and getting engaged to make a difference? We are building a grassroots campaign team for Julia Mejia’s at-large Boston City Council race and are seeking individuals like you to join our Fellowship. Julia is bringing her passion and skills in community organizing and coalition-building to all processes of her campaign including putting together her campaign team. This will be a campaign by the people for the people, and we are excited to have you apply to learn more about your interests, talents, and skills.

Julia Mejia for Boston
“Julia brings people together.”
“She gets things done.”

These are some of the ways Julia has been described by those who have worked alongside her. Driven by a lifelong pursuit of justice and equity, Julia Mejia has created countless opportunities for others to step into their power and advocate for positive change. That is why she believes It’s time that those entrusted to lead our City’s government include new faces from different walks of life...striving for a voice in our institutions of power.

This will not​ be a regular campaign office. We are creating a convening zone that will bring our local communities together. You will be emerged into a campaign that will have you engage in a variety of tasks depending on the campaign needs and your passion and skills. We are currently looking for fellows in the following areas: social media, canvassing, phonebanks, house party coordinator, event coordinator...This role is unpaid due to its grassroots nature, but we plan to make it fun and worthwhile! ​You will get great campaign experience, meet new people, develop a network, and make a difference. All this while also having fun around people who share similar values and passions. Join our team.

Do you have 10-12+ hours/week from now until November 5th. Apply for the internship.

Don’t have that much time? It’s ok. We would still love for you to volunteer with us! Whether it’s a couple hours a week or one day a week, EVERY hour will help us win! We have daily phone banking, text banking, door knocking events happening. Get some real world campaign experience!

Applications: For fellowship only:​ Please send us a resume or ​paragraph description of a project, hobby, or volunteering you’ve done in the past. Please email resume separately to ------------.

Want to Volunteer: Sign up for any of the volunteer events listed on our website:

Questions? ​Email ------------ ​

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