Aircraft Scheme Designer
Plane Schemer, LLC.
Gadsden, AL, USA
Job Posted:
30+ days ago

Aircraft Scheme Designer

We are looking for a graphic designer to create, edit, and help finalize aircraft paint schemes, as well as provide support activities. Our designers create customized paint designs for clients around the world, ranging from experimental micro jets to commercial airliners. We do this from an office based on the local airport, which is connected to our paint facility / sister company, Evoke Aviation. We see every step of the paint design process, from initial conceptualization, to final paint and buff on the physical airplane. We are an award winning company with 10 years+ of combined experience, and pride ourselves on being innovators in our industry.

A paint scheme designer will help create, edit, manage, and finalize custom paint schemes for various aircraft makes and models. The designer will also use different tools to help cut and prepare graphics for paint application. Though the main scope of this position encompasses graphic design, the new hire may show skills that can potentially be developed in other areas. This may include areas such as social media management, content design, sales, videography, or really anything in this realm that the individual may take interest in. The designer will also have the benefit of working directly with our small, but specialized team, which will allow him or her to utilize and develop these unique skills and strengths.

Preferred Skills:

Experience with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop required
Social media content development
Some sales and marketing experience would be beneficial ("Sales" is strictly limited to speaking with clients at airshows. You will not be asked to do anything more than this.)
Experience with WordPress (not required)
Photography and videography (not required)

Some travel may be required for major airshows, with the most important two being in the summer months. These are usually a week long, and some locations vary from year to year. These may include, but are not always limited to:
- EAA Airventure, Oshkosh, WI

- NBAA, Orlando, FL and Las Vegas, NV

- SUN n' FUN, Lakeland, FL

Meet time requirements for specific projects
Ability to self-manage, as well as multi-task
Have the ability to work independently on scheme design projects, as well as provide design support for lead designers.
Help with social media by creating content, and potentially even filming for video content.