Marketing Intern
Hexagon Lavish®
Atlanta, GA, USA
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Marketing Intern


Hexagon Lavish® is a scientific research and development start-up based in the United States. The company initially was focused in machine learning techniques but now has evolved into a small company that's devoted to utilizing "unorthodox" research methodologies in theoretical development and uncompromised use of mathematics and science.

PIR: Premier Information Retrieval will be a resultant product from the platform, IISS (Informational Interpretation Scientific Software). PIR will be designed as software for immediate detection, distinction, classification and analysis.

Desmond J. Watson, co-founder and chief executive officer of Hexagon Lavish®, is putting together a small team of researchers, mathematicians, engineers and programmers for this startup. If you're interested in applying your skills in efforts of turning ideas into a grand journey, submit your CV/résumé today.

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Hexagon Lavish® has a *quarterly marketing internship position that is open to individuals who have mastered their ability to direct their focus towards understanding the applicability of scientific output.

The position of a *Heavily-Focused Marketing Intern is slated for such an individual; someone who's willing to become intimately concerned with ensuring that the world harbors a "love" and a longing for the startup's introductory product, PIR: Premier Information Retrieval.

For three months, individuals awarded the internship will be tasked with assisting in developing a variety of go-to-market strategies, developing ideas on how to engage with customers, running campaign reports, writing communication with internal and external audiences, evaluating and improving our social media presence and performing other related duties.

The position of *Marketing Intern reports directly to the Chief Marketing Officer.

*This position is quarterly-based; not throughout the year.

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