Customer Service Manager
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GLC Distribution, LLC.
Redlands, CA, USA
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Customer Service Manager

Job Summary
Warehouse customer service. A leader for our warehouse team responsible for all warehouse clerical operations/customer service from beginning to end for all receives and shipments while driving continuous improvement/growth for GLC by committing/embracing the THREE PILLARS of SUCCESS.

Job Duties and Responsibilities
• Responsible for all aspects of warehouse receives and shipments from beginning to end. Including monitoring container/shipment arrivals, securing packing list and any/all plans for the cargo after arrival, reviewing of product descriptions, sku’s, ti/hi information, notifying warehouse floor team of inbound shipments and giving them proper documentation in a timely manner, reviewing dock receipts for accuracy, data entry for inbound receives, uploading of documents into the EDOCS file, billing all receives, updating customers with status for all aspects, receiving outbound orders, entering data for pick tickets on orders, sending accurate pick tickets to the warehouse floor team timely, confirming shipments departed, sending signed bills of lading or tracking information to the customer timely, uploading of shipping docs to the EDOCS tab, billing for all orders either directly or on periodic billing, securing /dispatching truckers and promoting the use of GLC warehouse/trucks.
• Responsible to follow and suggest improvements to all warehouse rules/policies/procedures and ensure compliance both of the rules/policies / procedures.
• Responsible to promote GLC by taking each shipment as an opportunity to learn more about the customer, their customers and ask questions while presenting our services for any of their future shipping needs/requirements.
• Responsible for maintaining active knowledge in industry related changes/ initiatives and communication on findings being sent back to the team.
• Responsible for reviewing/updating/maintaining warehouse customer charges and for all warehouse related opportunities/quoting.
• Responsible for quoting current and potential customers warehouse charges.
• Responsible to maintain profitability on all files.
• Responsible to maintain clean/ organized desks ensuring a quality work environment
• Responsible to use the notes section for each customer/organization for a customer profile listing all pertinent customer information.
• Responsible to direct customers to GLC WMS online system and ensure user name/password is given and that our system is accurate.
• Responsible to send/ confirm systemic inventory with customers to ensure correct inventory synchronization.

Required Job Competencies

• Teamwork. Supporting your team at all times.
• Leadership. Attending team meetings while advising about potential incentives/initiatives toward improving efficiency.
• Dedication to customer service through communication/information management.
• Organization. Both in files/desk and in email management with clearly defined/organized email folders and only pending issues still needing replies in your inbox.
• Communication. Crucial in customer service but also internally within GLC. Communicate effectively to your team, customers and vendors managing expectations and never over promising.
• Positivity.
• Ability to follow instructions and follow up on assigned tasks.
• Ability to manage time and complete assigned work through strong organizational and problem solving skills. Turning problems into opportunities.

• Effort. Attitude. Self-Improvement.
• Dedication and commitment to embracing the THREE PILLARS OF SUCCESS of GLC.
• Always giving your very best for yourself and your team each day.
• Always maintaining a positive attitude….even and especially amidst adversity/challenges/obstacles and maintaining perspective throughout.
• Daily concentrate on improvement…both within yourself and in the process. Regular feedback with suggestions/ideas to improve to be shared and embracing the idea that you have a voice to implement change/improvements and focus on improving overall personal and company efficiency.

This Job description is based on management’s assessment of the requirements and functions of a warehouse customer service position. The job description is a general guideline for this position and management reserves the right to modify the description at any time to meet changing needs of the company.

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