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Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Broker + Medical Insurance + Base Pay + Bonuses

Join one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in the Pacific Northwest! The mission here at the MLJackson Real Estate Company is to empower dedicated, kind and interesting people to become invaluable advisors to their friends, families, and clients. Our team consists of a diverse group of individuals who thrive on growing professionally, sharing knowledge and sparking passion in others. With a relentless focus on training and exposure to new challenges, we equip our agents to grow their businesses and serve their clients with confidence.

What Makes Us Different
At MLJackson, we embrace a startup-like vibe of energy and creativity. Even as we've grown, we cling to the spirit of entrepreneurship and are always looking for innovative ways to do things better. Agents are encouraged to share their ideas with the company, and champion special projects that interest them.

Training & Development
One common thread that runs throughout our organization is a commitment to perpetual learning. Our training methodology for both new and experienced agents was developed not only to teach the how, but more importantly the why. We teach our agents how to proactively avoid pitfalls, and strategically navigate when difficult situations arise.

Lead Gen & Referrals
For agents looking to bolster their sales pipeline, we can help. We teach agents how to earn commissions every month working with leads purchased by the company. Agents will also have the opportunity to work with intra-firm referrals provided by top producing agents who are low on capacity.

Medical Insurance
Unfortunately, the nature of the typical relationship between agent and brokerage prohibits an agent from qualifying for group medical benefits. The result is that agents are required to pay higher rates for inferior individual medical plans. But not here. At MLJackson, eligible agents will have an opportunity to select from a variety of medical plans offered by Regence Blue Shield. These plans cost less than individual medical plans, provide better coverage, allow for better selection of providers AND the company pays a portion of the premium!

Base Pay
When selling real estate, some months are great, others not so great, but the mortgage is the same every month. To help smooth out the volatility associated with commission based earnings, eligible agents will have an opportunity to participate in our commission draw program.

Recruiting Bonuses
If you like working here, wouldn't other's like it too? We think so. We also think our agents should be compensated for helping to build our company. When Agent Zero recruits Agent 1, Agent 1 recruits Agent 2, and Agent 2 recruits Agent 3 - Agent Zero gets paid a percentage of commissions from Agents 1, 2 and 3 for as long as they are with the company. Every year!

Marketing Bonuses
At MLJackson, we believe that it takes money to make money. Every year, our agents receive a check for 3% of their earned commissions to be spent on a variety of marketing activities.

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Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Commission
Salary: $12,000.00 to $150,000.00 /year

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