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Southall Farm and Inn
Franklin, TN, USA
Job Posted:
30+ days ago


Position: Orchardist

Updated: January 2020

Reports to: SVP of Hospitality and Agriculture

Job Type: Full-Time (Beginning Spring 2020)

Work Location: Southall

Position Description
A premier destination bringing nature, produce and people together in a powerful and unique way. This position will be responsible for all aspects of the orchard and fruit production on the property, with the attached responsibility and high expectations. Successful delivery of all key aspects within the orchardist’s sphere will help ensure Southall’s future status and sustainability.
Orchardist Responsibilities
• Anticipate, plan and execute in order to facilitate and curate a premier, destination orchard and fruit program in Middle Tennessee
• Prune and trellis the Orchard to meet the needs of Southall’s team – including the kitchen, hospitality - and clients
• Lead, implement and participate hands-on in the Irrigation of the orchard
• Lead and participate hands-on in the harvest of apples and pears
• Collect, organize and maintain the harvest data
• Lead and participate hands-on in the grafting and nursery care of needed varieties of trees on a yearly basis to meet the needs of Southall
• Lead and participate hands-on in the annual planting of trees in orchard to fill out designated areas
• Plans, leads and participates hands-on planting and cultivating of trees: apple, orange, peach, and other fruit and nut bearing trees
• Plans, leads and participates hands-on for the harvesting of fruit and nut crops, while applying knowledge of horticulture market conditions
• Determines varieties and quantities of trees to be grown, acreage to be tilled and associates/resources needed in order to successfully fulfill mission
• Deploys and manages people/resources in an efficient, constructive and sustainable manner - in order to maximize outcomes while protecting and respecting all
• Proficiency in hands-on operation/maintenance of tractors, sprayers, mulchers, and other related equipment
• Implement the pest, disease and weed control application and document, accordingly
• Introduce and incorporate the Julian calendar for harvest
• Arranges with buyers for sale of crops
• Remain up-to-date on current orchard practices through industry reading and Agriculture Department resources

Skills and Experience
1. 5+ years of experience in an agriculture-related field including tree fruit experience
2. Excellent verbal and written communications, giving/receiving direction, and presentation of plans/results;
3. Excellent planning, organizational and resource management/allocation skills – with attention to detail;
4. Demonstrated ability to prioritize, manage and complete tasks;
5. Working knowledge and reasonable capabilities in Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
6. Demonstrated ability with constructive, team-centric leadership skills;
7. Excellent team skills, including but not limited to; listening, coaching, guiding, flexible working, adaptability, collaboration, and facilitation
8. Excellent communication skills, including but not limited to; listening, asking questions, building consensus, presenting, obtaining buy-in

B.A. or B.S. degree in Horticulture is preferred

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