Medical Field Marketer
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Kona Medical Consulting
Detroit, MI, USA
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Medical Field Marketer

Medical Field Marketer
Community and Client Liason Job Description

Job Summary
Represent our clients and our company to potential clients and referral sources period act as a single-point-of-contact to encourage referrals and to develop the associated brand.

Common tasks include referral laddering, driving, gathering information on leads, preparing client presentations, managing online platforms, coordinating event logistics, and re-caps for events and campaigns, etc…

Primary Job Responsibilities
Gathering information on leads to assist the company in contacting prospective customers
Driving pre-determined routes on a regular basis
Making adjustments as necessary acting as liaison with the client and the promotions group to execute promotions campaigns
Coordinating logistics for all grassroots events and local promotions creating events, online campaigns, and promotions recaps
Other administrative tasks (e.g., preparing online performance reports, answering calls)
Operating as a single point of contact for our prospective clients
Visiting possible referral sources on a regular basis
Performs other duties as assigned
Event planning for clients such as mass hiring fairs and lunch-n-learns

Unique Education / Certification / Experience
Would prefer some experience in the medical field of any sort

Proficiency in GSuite and other common business operating software platforms
Excellent written English language skills Marketing, sales & customer service experience Experience in both primary & secondary research functions
Reliable transportation and willingness to travel frequently
Ability to work well both independently and in a team environment
Strong organizational skills
Ability to works well under pressure with minimal supervision.

Analyzing consumer survey data
Analyzing consumer demographics and preference
Applying the principle of differentiation to marketing plans
Applying the principle of segmentation to marketing cases
Applying strategies for targeting marketing projects
Brainstorming themes for advertisements
Completing analyses of competitors
Composing concise promotional copy
Composing direct marketing communications
Conducting focus groups/ Conducting market research /Conducting media research
Conforming to deadlines

Work Environment
Able to travel regularly, sitting, standing and walking for periods of time. Work may be stressful. May be exposed to common medical clinic hazards.

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