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Dr. Ibolit Manual Medicine
Vancouver, WA, USA
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30+ days ago


Welcome to Dr. Ibolit. Here, you will work along side other chiropractors, physical therapists, and massage therapists to help each patient improve. By bringing multiple manual therapies under one roof, we are able to provide a more collaborative form of care than people are used to. The healthcare industry in general has terrible communication, so we are dedicated to finding coworkers who will listen, care, and dedicate their time to the patients above all.

Our clinic is evidence based. We work with many injuries and rehabilitation patients. The nature of these cases requires a high level of documentation detail so we can consult each other, refer out to other specialists if needed, and make sure that the patient's insurance is well aware of exactly what we're doing. For diagnostics, you will have access to a digital x-ray inside the clinic, and CT/MRI next door.

This position will require you to work full time, be able to connect with patients, and have the professionalism necessary to conduct yourself as a healthcare provider, come to work on time every time, stay to your schedule, and dress appropriately. It goes without saying, you MUST have a Chiropractic license in the state of Washington. Chiropractic experience is not required, but the chiropractic skills very much are.

After becoming comfortable working at our clinic, you may also have the opportunity to grow your career as a chiropractor by opening up your own facility. There are people dedicated to billing, there are people dedicated to scheduling, there are people dedicated to marketing, and so on. This makes it very easy for you to grow as a chiropractor and leader, rather than having to worry about all the little details. There is endless opportunity.

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