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Arbol Residences Santa Rosa Senior Living
Santa Rosa, CA, USA
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30+ days ago


The Caregiver is responsible for all non-medical related care to a resident, including bathing, housekeeping, maintain the room to be in a dignified manner as best as possible. Assists residents so that independent living can be maintained for as long as appropriate and possible. Promotes independent living activities while giving assistant to a resident, Certified Nursing Assistants and Nurses.


Essential Job Duties:
1. Assists resident with dressing, grooming, eating, bathing, positioning, turning, toileting, tray service and exercising (if the resident is capable of doing so).
2. Reports to medical staff any changes in residents medical, mental or physical conditions and keeps nurses informed of resident status.
3. Transports resident to and from their apartment, medical appointments, or special event/ activities.
4. Responds to all “Call for Aide”.

Other Duties:
1. Maintains a safe and sanitary environment for the resident.
2. Maintains accurate records of observations and services rendered to residents.
3. Encourages the resident to be as independent as they are physically able to, attend activities.
4. Maintains the self-respect, personal dignity, and physical safety of each resident.
5. Attends in-service training and education session, as assigned.
6. Performs specific work duties and responsibilities as assigned by supervisor.

Arbol fully embraces a culture of hospitality. To that end, we include the following hospitality promises as a guide for our interpersonal interactions with residents, co-workers, and guests:

1. We greet residents, employees and guests warmly, by name and with a smile.
2. We treat everyone with courteous respect.
3. We strive to anticipate resident, employee and guest needs and act accordingly.
4. We listen and respond enthusiastically in a timely manner.
5. We hold ourselves and one another accountable.
6. We embrace and value our differences.
7. We make residents, employees and guests feel important.
8. We ask “Is there anything else I can do for you?”
9. We maintain high levels of professionalism, both in conduct and appearance, at all times.
10. We pay attention to details.

Arbol employees are expected to promote a healthy community culture for all residents and employees. This is a whole-person approach to health and wellness which includes eight dimensions of wellness: Emotional, Environmental, Health Services, Intellectual, Physical, Social, Spiritual and Vocational. Through these efforts we can ensure and exceed residents’ wellness needs relating to their mind, body and soul, which may also have a positive effect on the employees, as a result.

1. Must clear through the California Department of Justice Live scan program.
2. Ability to understand and follow instructions in English, communicates effectively with residents and staff in English, and performs simple arithmetic.

Must be able to walk long distances at a rapid pace; must be able to assist in the bathing and dressing of residents with disabilities; must be able to push a wheelchair with residents weighing up to 200 lbs independently; continuous standing, turning, stooping, bending, stretching and lifting up to 95% of the work day in order to assist residents, move equipment and perform other related tasks using proper body mechanics; good visual and hearing acuity required; good verbal communication skills required. May be exposed to communicable diseases, and blood and body fluids. May be exposed to cleaning chemicals and offensive odors.

Caregivers, CNA