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Are you looking for ways to up-skill while earning more take-home pay and inspiring futures in STEM for Austin's most at-risk youth?

Early Code is a STEM after-school program provider that is offering you the opportunity of getting paid to teach kids how to code and create projects using technology! This position is both personally and professionally rewarding as one is paid to learn about new IoT systems and tools while impacting the future by teaching kids how to code.

Qualified applicants are current or have experience in public/private K-12 education. Backgrounds in coding and technology are preferred but not required. Candidates must have an interest in and ability to learn coding and technology concepts, and be prepared to demonstrate and troubleshoot student projects in program lessons.

Early Code after-school programs are between once and three times per week depending on the school and usually last one hour per class. Early Code is also associated with local Austin Coding Academy and can provide pathways into careers in technology at some of Austin's fastest-growing companies.

Responsibilities as an Early Code Teacher

The Early Code Teacher role is responsible for effectively delivering Early Code programs to students and for leading classroom teaching assistants in supporting and inspiring learning in a productive, orderly, and safe environment.

Delivering Early Code Programs

Responsible to establish an orderly, positive, productive, and rewarding classroom environment and to oversee student behavior.

Responsible to engage and inspire students to have fun and work together while learning new skills.

Responsible to support classroom habits and procedures that provide structure, and help achieve student learning goals and success. These responsibilities include assigning seats, computer and program login/logout cadences, student behavior during instruction, classroom clean up and other things outlined in the Teacher Manual.

Responsible to be the primary ambassador for Early Code on-site and to promote Early Code values and programs to customers.

Responsible for the classroom and facilities used in school classrooms and to return everything better than you found it.

Responsible for teaching Early Code curriculum systematically in a meaningful and engaging manner.

Responsible for nurturing students to gain an understanding of relevant principles in computer science.

Responsible for supporting student learning achievement and course objectives.
Responsible for the safety of Early Code students in the classroom and on Early Code site premises.

Responsible for personal code of conduct in accordance with the Early Code Teacher Manual and applicable school district policy.

Leading Classroom Teaching Assistants

Responsible to demonstrate model teaching behavior through displaying high energy, excitement for the program, and using positive reinforcement to inspire desired student behavior.

Responsible to work diligently to build rapport with teaching assistants and rally the group around the common goal of providing the best educational experience for students and parents.

Responsible to allocate classroom and logistical responsibilities for teaching assistants that appropriately distribute operational duties for the success of the program.

Responsible to hold pre-class and post-class check-ins with teaching assistants to ensure daily goals and responsibilities are communicated clearly.

Responsible to facilitate and maintain open lines of communication between appropriate Early Code staff for the successful delivery of Early Code Programs.

Responsible to report all emergencies or inappropriate teaching assistant behavior to the Director of Early Code.

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