Massage Therapist
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Alcaraz Therapeutic Massage
Seattle, WA, USA
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9 days ago

Massage Therapist

As massage therapist in our office, we do treatment massage most of the time. We work with most health insurances, PIP, L&I and membership. Offer the best massage every single visit, show exercises or stretching that can help the patient at home, suggest how often they should come back. During 55 min of massage, we palpate the body and the areas are in pain to figure what kind the pressure or technique to use. Communicate the plan to the patient to obtain their consent. Always assure them that the pressure can be different if they need to. Looking always for their comfort and trust! Soap notes are fast and quick. Responsible to keep clean and organized the room before and after our shift. Nice and courteous with everybody at the office. Communication is our goal # 1.

Position as self contracted: Meaning, you can work as much you want. Pick your own schedule, how many massages per day you want to do and able to block yourself on the schedule if you need to!

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