Will Collins
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Location: Chapel Hill, NC, United States
University: NC State University
Major: Graphic Design

Will Collins


3 years at NC State University with Major in Graphic Design (2.8/4.0 GPA, currently on leave of absence)
Relevant Coursework: Sequential Imaging, Typography, Image in Design

Graduated from East Chapel Hill High School in 2014 with 4.0+ GPA
Scored 5.0 on AP Statistics and AP Physics Tests
Scored 4.0 on AP Calculus Test
Scored 3.0 on AP Latin Test

Relevant Experience

2+ years of working with online clients to create digital (some examples included in portfolio) and traditional art as well as dealing with them in a satisfactory manner. Sometimes supervised by client via livestream; sometimes unsupervised.

I have contributed graphics and music to various independent video game projects on a freelance basis, including Runngun, Skeleton Boomerang, and an as-yet unnamed project.


5+ years of extracurricular training in traditional art techniques during elementary, middle, and high school

2+ years of working in online art commissions, from 2 years ago through today

1 year of extracurricular self-training in color theory, starting early 2016

5+ years of extracurricular self-training in digital art, starting midway through high school

6+ years of extracurricular self-training in digital music composition, starting in the summer of 2010

8+ years of extracurricular self-training in character design, starting in middle school

• Tasks
o Illustration
♣ Digital sketching and painting
♣ Pixel art
♣ Pen and ink
♣ Colored pencil
♣ Crayon
♣ Acrylic
o Character Design
o Prop Design
o Environment Design
o Cover Art
♣ Video game
♣ Music album
o Color Theory
♣ Palette design
♣ Applied to painting and preexisting images
o Graphic Design
♣ Print
♣ Digital
• Programs
o Adobe Photoshop
o Adobe Illustrator
o Adobe InDesign
o Adobe AfterEffects
o Microsoft Word
o Microsoft Powerpoint
o FL Studio
o Famitracker
• Social Media
o Twitter
o Facebook
o DeviantART
o Tumblr
o Twitch
• Miscellaneous
o Intermediate Latin

cartooning, digital painting, character design, music