Writer, Researcher, Filmmaker, and Recent Graduate
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Location: Oakland, NJ, USA
School: Bucknell University
Major: Film/Media Studies and English Literature

Writer, Researcher, Filmmaker, and Recent Graduate

Bucknell University, Class of 2018
GPA: 3.70/4.0 (Dean’s List seven semesters)
Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Film/Media Studies and English Literature
Study Abroad Experience: University of Nottingham, England
Member, Sigma Delta Tau English Honors Society, Bucknell University
Fulbright Scholarship Nominee, University College, London
Lewis Zwegler Award for Excellence in English Literary Studies
Outstanding Research Poster Award in the Social Sciences and Humanities

• “Review: Tropical Malady,” The Bucknell Film Review: ------------
• “My Puerto Rico, still in Crisis,” Editorial, The Bucknellian: ------------
• “Joyce and Intertextuality: The Construction of Adolescent Identity in Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”, Bucknell Humanities Review: ------------
• Lang and Law: Analyzing Representations of Law, Violence, and Ethics in the Films of Fritz Lang, Honors Thesis: ------------

Production Assistant, On-set Documentary Production, Bucknell University, PA Fall 2017
• Assisted Professor of Film and Media, Eric Faden, on the production set of his newest video project
• Set up camera equipment, supervised shooting, attended to the needs of actors, and organized props on set
Documentary Production, Film/Media Studies Department, Bucknell University, PA Summer 2017
• Directed and produced a documentary on the military experiences of Bucknell WWI alumni, Bucknellians in WW1
• Documented the journey through Europe of undergraduate research students in the History department
• Edited approx. 10 hours of collected footage into a 20-minute film from June to August of 2017
Intern, Movie: Buck Run, Production Assistant, Bucknell University Fall 2016
• Collected and planted props and assisted Art Director with set designs
Intern, UnionDocs Center for Documentary Film, Brooklyn, NY Summer 2015
• Worked with company WordPress page to update and promote weekly events on UnionDocs website
• Helped organize guest speaker events and public screenings at UnionDocs TheaterHouse
Intern, Bucknell Film/Media Studies Department, Bucknell University Spring 2015
• Worked with professors in English department to organize screenings at the Campus Theater
• Updated Film/Media Studies WordPress website and designed posters for semester screenings
President, Bucknell Film Club, Bucknell University Fall 2014-present
• Hosted weekly meetings and organized interviews with film makers, such as Alan Berliner and Michael Robinson
• Facilitated the visit of HBO director Alan Berliner to present his film First Cousin Once Removed (2014) on campus
• Envisioned, designed, and wrote for the online campus publication, The Bucknell Film Review (Oct. 2016)
Former President/Member, Literary Studies Club, Bucknell University Fall 2015-present
• Orchestrated open book and poetry readings in public spaces on campus
Member, Nottingham Television Student Union, University of Nottingham Spring 2017
• Filmed and edited footage of sporting and student events at University of Nottingham
• Coordinated posts with the social media team to promote NSUTV events
Writer, Et Cetera Arts Magazine, Bucknell University Spring 2016-2017
• Published articles for the bi-annual editions of the campus’ literature and arts magazine, Et Cetera
• Coordinated interviews with students and local artists
Editor, Bucknell Humanities Review, Bucknell University Spring 2016-present
• Designed, edited, and published academic essays for the campus’ Humanities Review (1st Issue Released Oct. 2017)
Writer, The Bucknellian, Bucknell University Fall 2017-present
• Write editorial articles for the campus newspaper
Member, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bucknell University Spring 2016-present

Film Producer, Director, Writer, Researcher, Graduate