Nik Aji Resume
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Location: New York, NY, United States
School: New York University
Field of Study: Music Technology

Nik Aji Resume

Nik Aji

New York University, New York Class of 2019
Steinhardt School; Music and Performing Arts Department
Bachelor of Music, Music Technology
Skills: Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR), Mixing/Mastering, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Production (Pre and Post), Sound Design, MS Office

Arbo Radiko, New York, New York September 2017 to Present
Social Media Director
Created content, aesthetics, and schedules for all aspects of Arbo Radikos Social Media campaign, ranging from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. Worked closely with founder, grammy nominated artist Jocelyn Arem, to engage fanbase and grow at an exponential rate.

CHARGER Sounds July 2013 to present
Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced hip hop projects. Promoted the CHARGER brand through various social media outlets. Collaborated with fashion designers and medial outlets including Gens Sauvages, CBC and Neurocentrikks to create audio and visual media focused on lifestyle brand advertising and promotion on social media. Recruited local artists and managed the development of their brand. Partnered with LA based group SHGOOD.

Drippin’ Music, Saratoga, California 2014 ­to 2015
Creative Director
Creative Director for a music blog, independent label, artist collective and management agency . Collaborated with artists, designed logos and layouts for website, promoted content, engaged with musicians on promotions.

Boys & Girls Club, San Jose, California 2014
Music Activity Leader
Worked as an audio engineer and mentor with the Adobe Youth Voices program at the Boys & Girls Club and worked with at risk youth on developing digital media/music technology skills.

Ineffable Music Group, Oakland, California 2013 Summer
Summer Intern
Managed social media campaigns for and engaged with recording and performing artists. Promoted performances for the artists both online and offline. Assisted with the distribution and sale of artist merchandise.

60th Annual Grammys (Recording Academy), New York, New York 2018
Worked closely with media coverage personal from networks such as Good Morning America, Complex, Billboard and more in initiating and assisting interviews with artists such as Rick Ross and Lana Del Ray on the red carpet. Personal Chaperone for Rick Ross throughout the ceremony.


● Experience recording, mixing and mastering using Logic Pro
● Familiar with Pro Tools, GarageBand, FL Studio 9, and other DAW’s
● Experience running ADR Sessions in Audio for Video
● Creating soundtrack, sound effects and dialogue for visuals
● Experience setting up band equipment for live and studio performances
● Performed live at concerts and street fairs: Play guitar (bass and lead), drums and tabla, as well as vocals
● Built a home studio with live recording and producing capabilities
● Produce Hip Hop, Soul, R&B, Pop, Trap, and Rock for artists such as SAMARIA and LUVKUSH


● SF Jazz Digital Lab Production: April­-May, 2013
● Stanford Jazz Workshop, Summer 2012
● Trinity College London, Drama and Speech Certificate, Grade 5 (Intermediate)