Katherine Allen RESUME
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Location: Charlotte, NC, United States
School: University Of Alabama

Katherine Allen RESUME

Katherine Allen


I am driven, authentic, expressive and ambitious. My objective through life is to experience and to learn as much as I can, contributing to myself and my community.


Personal Skills
- When I am passionate about a subject , I am stuck to it like glue. I am determined to learn, even if I encounter mistakes or challenges. I enjoy being around people and encouraging others to succeed, instead of selfish competition. I can communicate with any type of audience regarding my knowledge of human behavior. As well as, withholding excellent problem solving skills, I dissect the issue and determine the most efficient outcome.

People Skills
- I’ve always been superior on understanding people and their motives. I’ve always had a sense of connecting with people to understand exactly what path they are on. My number one priority is picking the BEST option that fits the customer, emotionally, physically, financially and aesthetically!


Nannying, childcare
- Working in childcare set the outline of responsibility that I needed to prosper off of. The basic needs of a child such as, feeding, playing, learning etc. opened a new perspective toward human behavior for me. I then was getting a glimpse of cause and effect that prepared me for real-life situations.

Sales Associate, Crate and Barrel
- I encountered many obstacles as a sale associate, mainly dealing with ensuring customer satisfaction. The whole objective of my position was to persuade the buyer with the best product option as well as earning their trust for customer return. Informing customers with promotions, rewards, and seasonal sales build the customers royalty.


High School Diploma,  Myers Park High School

Not yet graduated
College, University of Alabama 2020

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