Video editor and videographer
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Location: New York, NY, United States
School: Florida Atlantic University
Major: Science

Video editor and videographer

Hi, my name is Sergio Beltran. Social media is a big part of my life, I love to engage with my following and entertain them with my content. Primarily, posting on my ‘story’ section in my social media platforms is what I do to entertain my following. Creating something out of nothing is a quote I live by. Growing up, story telling in movies was my escape and was amazed in how satisfying and emotional movies made me feel. Storytelling in movies took me away from my real life story and allowed me to enter a different story and that feeling is magical. Being able to create content and tell a story through video editing will be enjoyable as a career. To enhance my skills and work for a company that allows me to pursue my passion is something I am striving for. I want to be part of the team because it allows me to further peruse my dream in being a well-known movie editor.

I was pleased to learn of your need of intern hires at your company. Recently, I have graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a science bachelor’s degree but plan in getting experience in communications and video editing because it is something that I am really passionate about. Getting experience in the field of video editing would be a valuable opportunity to further improve my skills in a digital marketing and video-creating environment.

Being part of the team and enable myself to enhance the success of your company to a higher standpoint is something I am looking forward too. My main focus is to learn from professionals and work diligently. Even more excited to work with skilled editors and gain more experience in the communication/video business.

Videographer, Video editor