Fashion Internship for Summer
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Location: Savannah, GA, USA
School: SCAD
Major: Fashion Design (Major) Merchandising & Marketing (Minor)

Fashion Internship for Summer

Iris Dean Blackwood was born and raised in Austin, Texas until the day she moved away to obtain a degree from Savannah College of Art and Design. She is currently a full time Sophomore student with a 4.0 GPA and is beyond passionate about fashion design, interiors (wether it be from a strategic merchandising point of view or personal taste), bold styling decisions, fibers, and pretty much everything else that the broad realm of fashion & design encompasses.

Three words to describe her are unconventionally creative, quirky, and overly well-organized - some of her friends and past professors have concluded that she might be slightly OCD, but she considers that characteristic as a major advantage throughout work performance and production of projects! Anyone who knows Iris is aware that she is quite persistent when it comes to achieving something she knows she is capable of - which she finds to be a major asset to her personality. She is always eager to learn from those around her and is comfortable with curiosity of the unknown. but, it's worth noting that she basks upon expertise within certain fields of her interests - naturally. She is pretty spunky when it comes to designing projects - whether it be boundless creativity, or one that challenges her with specific constraints. And most importantly, She sincerely enjoys collaboration with artists of many strengths and finds that there are infinite possibilities when many creative minds come together.

She also feels very weird about having to write about herself in the third person - she doesn't normally do that, I swear.

If you have any additional questions, concerns, feel free to check out the contact info below!

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