David Golub: Up and coming animator poised for success
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Location: New York, NY, USA
School: Monmouth University
Major: Art and Design with a Concentration in Animation

David Golub: Up and coming animator poised for success

My name is David Golub. I recently graduated from Monmouth University Cum Laude, where I earned a BFA with a concentration in Animation. I am well versed with the Adobe Suite and have been studying animation, both 2D, and 3D, for 6 years now.

As an intern at Creative Visual Productions, I worked on logo designs, animated promotions, and website mockups. This experience taught me how to operate in a professional setting, and helped me better cater to a variety of clients' needs.

What drives me is the act of bringing ideas to life.  When I am able to develop an idea in my mind and materialize it for the world to see, there is a connection that is made, and therein lies the reason that I love producing digital media so much.

I'm a young artist who is fresh out of school, and hungry to prove himself capable of operating in a professional capacity.  I'm a natural problem solver who feels comfortable in independent scenarios and collaborative ones alike. 

I have a lot of ambition and I'm constantly working to push my skills, both technical and artistic, to ever-growing standards.  That ambition can be a very valuable asset to whatever team is willing to give me a chance.
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Animation, Motion Graphics, Compositing, Video Editing