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Location: Hillsborough Township, NJ, USA
University: Rowan University
Major: Radio, Television, Film, Journalism



Objective: Paid or unpaid internship where my creative and technical skills can be utilized and improved on with experience.
Summary of Qualifications:
Effective with cooperative teamwork in achieving goals and committed to meeting deadlines; personable, outgoing, communicative and constantly willing to learn and improve. Experience in film production and journalism at Rowan University as well as my own freelance productions. Well organized, focused on time management, and a strong drive for creative thinking in terms of spotting trends before others. A strong interest in film and television production.
Education: Rowan University Bachelor of Arts: Radio, Television, and Film. Minor in Journalism. To be completed in the Fall of 2018.
After the completion of Advanced Film, I will have satisfied all credits for the Bachelor of Arts Degree. This course consists of 10-12 students that were hand selected by senior department members including professor Jonathan Mason, in which we will collectively produce a film that will hopefully be shown in festivals in the New York/Philadelphia area as previous classes have achieved.
Technical Skills:
Can operate studio (Hitacchi) camera, sound system, lights, multi-bus broadcast switchboard. Highly experienced with all
Canon photography cameras, highly experienced with Blackmagic Cinema 4K Camera and Rokinon Cinema Lenses, Highly experienced in operating Sony 4K cinema cameras (A7sii and FS5). Experienced with operating gimbals and steadicam systems especially the DJI Ronin and Zhiyun Crane gimbals. Experienced with using professional sound recording systems and professional set lighting and multi-channel lighting systems. Highly experienced with software including Chyron, Avid, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Lightroom. Computer experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Publisher.
Course Highlights:
Film Production I and II, TV Production, Motion Graphics, Sound Communication, New Media, Film History, Television History, Television Screenwriting, Film Screenwriting.
Department Leadership:
I have worked on a total of four film productions while at Rowan University and have directed/written three of which. I also was the cinematographer of the three films that I wrote the screenplay for. Reel available upon request.
Special Interests:
Elijah’s Promise: New Brunswick, NJ
Sourland Mountain Preservation: Hillsborough, NJ Water Project: Antigua, Guatemala
Extracurricular Activities:
Rowan TRAC (The Rowan Art Collective), Rowan Cinema Workshop Drexel Benefit Concert for Pediatric AIDS Videographer
Usher for St. Joseph’s Parish

Film Production