Video Production Technician
Media Communication
Location: Burnsville, MN, United States
School: Bethel University
Major: Media Communication

Video Production Technician

BA in Media Communication-Bethel University, St. Paul, MN, Spring 2012

Core Competencies

Camera operation (Sony E30s): Jib, Steadicam, hand-held, robotics (Vinten), stick-tripod, slider rail
Vinten Robotics Camera System (up to 8 cameras), CCU boards/RC panels, color correction
Audio: Digital (Yamaha) and analog (Wheatstone) boards, Lav mics (Sennheiser, Sony)
Talent Management: Multiple guests, hosts, high profile celebrities
Stage Manage: Coordinate set preparation, collaboration with multiple departments
Camera Blocking: Multiple studio environments, lighting, and set placements

Professional Experience

Production Technician III at HSN Studios (September 2015-Fall 2017)
-Stage manage in a live studio setting, ensuring proper set preparation, lighting, and camera blocking
-Quickly adjusting shots and shading while operating robotic camera system (Vinten)
-Operate Jib (Jimmy Jib), Hand-held, and Steadicam in multiple settings, including live audience and musical performances

Floor Director and Audio Technician at KHBS/KHOG-TV (February 2015-June 2015)
-Mixed audio board (Wheatstone) levels for talent, packages, DigiCart tracks, and live shots
-Managed the floor while operating manual stick cameras during live production
-Trimmed and ingested video clips of news stories onto company website

Directors Assistant at Ozark Film and Video Production (November 2014-December 2014)
-Coordinated shoots for Walmart associate training videos
-Wrote detailed time code notes for editor
-Assisted with lighting, audio, and shot placement

Studio Manager at WCCO-TV (March 2014-September 2014)
-Skillfully operated the jib/Crane (Cam-Mate) camera for studio bump shots
-Ran the teleprompter while giving the talent proper direction and camera cues
-Managed lighting software, microphone equipment, and overall studio maintenance and setup

Production Technician at Evine Live (September 2012-September 2014)
-Expertly operated camera equipment (jib, hand-held, stick), ensuring quality TV presentations
-Coordinated camera blocking and talent, establishing effective communication across multiple studios
-Balanced smooth camera movement with shading adjustments using robotics camera software
-Monitored audio system (Yamaha) with VTR equipment adjusting mic settings, digi cart tracks, and playback

Sports Broadcasting, CTV15 (Fall 2010)
-Professionally operated and maintained stationary camera equipment providing video coverage
-Collaborated with the director queuing camera shots from the switcher insuring prompt shot delivery
-Assisted hand held camera operator with cable management during sideline coverage

Intern Marketing Project at Evine Live (Summer 2012)
-Team produced several market research videos expanding on the original of the customer personas
-Coordinated visual production methods for each video representation in a unique and stylized manner
-Presented findings to the company, which were used for future demonstrations

Non-Profit Organization Work “Twin Cities Outreach” (Fall 2012)
-Innovated different interviewing techniques to shoot and edit (Adobe Premiere) informative videos
-Presented each video in a creative web design format with unique graphic design and appeal
-Strengthened the reputation of each organization in its surrounding community

Video, Camera, Media, Broadcasting, Television