Student Writer seeks Long-Term Writing Career
English Creative Writing
Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States
School: California State University Long Beach
Major: English Creative Writing

Student Writer seeks Long-Term Writing Career

Dear Hiring Manager:
I would be more than honored to jump on board with you on this project. I strongly believe in working for a company that I can stand for, as my duty is providing heartfelt excellence in written communications.
I currently attend school at California State University Long Beach where I am pursing a Bachelor’s Degree in English Creative Writing. I graduate in May 2018. I have been passionate in acquiring a higher education, which is my primary mission to obtaining a career in copywriting. I am willing to negotiate a salary that matches my qualifications. I would love to broaden my knowledge in the writing industry, as this would be a phenomenal career pursuit. Thank you for your time and consideration. I am eager to discuss this position with you in person.

Melissa Currie-White

California State University, Long Beach Expected Graduation: May 2018
Pursuing Bachelors of Arts in English Creative Writing
El Camino College May 2015
Associate of Arts in English
California State University, Long Beach Sept 2017- Present
Front Desk Student Assistant at Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
• Providing excellent customer service to EOP recipients who are low-income, first generation students.
• Highly trusted to monitor EOP student appointments and walk-in services utilizing Student Success Collaborative (SSC).
• Monitors the front desk of EOP Admissions and Retention Office with esteem.
• Confidently able to multitask while answering a multiline phone.
• Performing daily opening and closing office procedures.
• Trusted to open and distribute mail to office staff.
• Answers questions, about the EOP Program, of inquiring prospective and current students.
• Trusted to make referrals to appropriate EOP staff members.
• Effectively maintains an accurate count of EOP student print-outs via Excel database.
• Trusted to file confidential student records, input data, sort paperwork, and make copies.

California State University, Long Beach Nov 2016-May 2017
Student Assistant at Women’s Gender & Equity Center
• Ensuring the Women’s Gender and Equity Center (WGEC) advances social justice in regards to gender equity within the Long Beach community.
• Staying up-to-date on local, national, and international issues that are currently affecting women and minorities and propose how the WGEC can help raise awareness of these issues.
• Organizing and putting on a variety of events throughout the year such as: Take Back the Night, Live Your Life Day, Break the Silence Fair, and any other events the WGEC wishes to promote.
• Maintaining up to date literature for the WGEC feminist library of brochures.
• Helping maintain the WGEC email and Facebook accounts.
• Upholding positive working relationships with affiliated groups and organizations within the community (i.e. YMCA, Planned Parenthood, LA Condom, etc.)
• Maintaining aesthetic upkeep and furnishings of the WGEC.
• Coming up with creative ways to further ideals of equality within the University and the community.
• Maintaining positive, open-minded relationships with all co-workers and members of the WGEC, including women, men, gays, lesbians, trans individuals, inter-sex and queer identified people of all ages, religions, ethnicities, sizes, and political affiliations.
• Efficiently promotes and advances feminist ideals.
• Efficiently maintains hardworking, organizational skills as a self-starter.

El Camino College August 2015-November 2016
Notetaker at Special Resource Center
• Maintained the confidentiality of the student for whom you are taking notes.
• Made sure that notes are legible.
• Successfully attended each class.
• Successfully uploaded a copy of my notes promptly following classes, for ease of student’s access.

El Camino College July 2014-July 2016
Ambassador at Outreach & School Relations
• A part of a diverse group of El Camino College students who are enthusiastic and visible student leaders.
• Successfully conducted tours for new and prospective students and their families.
• Became one of the students who shared firsthand information about the El Camino College experience.
• Successfully exuded responsibility and caring for students who participated in community events.
• A part of the staff for campus information tables during Welcome Week.
• A part of the student staff who are eager to connect students and visitors to El Camino College staff, faculty, programs, and services.
• A part of representatives for El Camino College who are always willing to help.
• A part of the staff for the Financial Aid Lab and the Student Services Center Information Desk.

El Camino College Aug 2012-May 2014
Teacher’s Assistant for English professor
• Successfully supervised and proctored students during exams for an English professor who is a wheelchair-user.
• Successfully presented subject matter to students under the direction and guidance of the professor using lectures, discussions, or supervised role-playing methods.
• Successfully distributed tests and homework assignments, and collected them when completed.
• Successfully managed manual and digital attendance records.
• Successfully transported textbooks and other relevant materials from car to office to classroom.
• Successfully handled picking up and dropping off time-sensitive, confidential items of mail.

Projects Dec 2017-Jan 2018
Editor of book entitled: Dark Womb Redemption by Abena Adu ___________________________________________________________________________________
• Successfully self-supervised while remotely edited the author’s self-help book, with approximately 16,268 words, to prepare for publication.
• Successfully demonstrated team-player initiative.
• Successfully edited a book, in under nine days, which was delivered well before the deadline.
• Successfully followed the (then-prospective) author’s directions.
• Successfully presented high-quality work.

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