Sydney Smith
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Location: Fontana, CA, United States
School: Arizona State University
Major: Filmmaking Practices

Sydney Smith

Professional Profile
I am a student, graduating a semester early, with a Bachelors of Arts in Filmmaking Practices and a minor in English. With four school years of learning about the development and production of film, as well as experience working on several student films and projects, I have a vast understanding and knowledge of the inner and outer workings of film. I intend to further this knowledge by focusing on television script writing, as I continue working on my own personal pilots and projects.
Career Summary
Oct. 2014 - Present University Housing at Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
Desk Assistant
• Assist residents with everyday residential needs
• Check out supplies; room keys, games, equipment, etc.
• Process lock change and TMA (maintenance) requests
• Troubleshoot key issues; perform key audits, track down missing keys, report discrepancies
• Work with community assistants, desk managers, community directors, and campus police to ensure
the safety and comfort of residents.
• Respond to and report both personal and non-personal residential issues and emergencies
• Check and maintain accuracy of residential bookings
• Check and maintain accuracy of residential key cards
• Verify identities of residents, staff, and vendors
• Monitor key boxes and secure sensitive residential information
• Process charges for unreturned and missing property
May 2017 – June 2017 Film Independent, Culver City, CA
Los Angeles Film Festival Ticketing Intern
• Prepared tickets for filmmakers, talent, Film Independent members, and general admission
• Re-organized office files, inactive tickets, master rosters, etc.
• Ran food errands
• Traveled from one location to another to meet the needs of a specific screening
• Worked rush lines before film screenings
• Worked will call lines before film screenings
• Troubleshot and reported any issues festival participants had with their tickets
• Assisted and answered questions of festival participants and general public, in order to better ensure
a smooth running of the festival
June 2017 Life Boheme Productions, Los Angeles, CA Writer’s Assistant
• Sat in on a writer’s room session for a series in development and took live notes during brainstorming, that were later used by the writers in the room to assist them while they wrote their assigned episode.
Education & Qualifications
➢ BachelorofArts,FilmmakingPractices
! Arizona State University: August 2014 - December 2017
-Minor in English
-3.82 GPA
-Co-founder of U.N.T in Film Club -Alpha Lambda Delta
Sydney Smith
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Unpaid Project Experience Film
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Script Supervisor, Gaffer, Electric Grip
Script Supervisor
Sound Engineer, Boom Operator Sound Engineer, Boom Operator Screenwriter, Director, Editor Script Supervisor
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Production Assistant
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Screenwriter, Producer
Special Skills & Interests
Final Cut Pro | Adobe Premiere | iMovie | Screenwriting | Microsoft Office Suite | Pages | Keynote |
Copywriting | Article Writing | Prose Writing | After Effects | Photoshop