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Location: Glendale, CA, USA
School: Los Angeles Film School
Major: Film


Samuel Armen Nassar

Sales & Management Professional
An accomplished professional with more than 10 years of experience in sales, team leadership and account management. Expertise includes; e-commerce account administration, content management, product detail page creation and forecasting. Effective communicator possessing excellent persuasive oral and written skills. Proven ability to cultivate and maintain strong customer relationships, motivate and lead sales teams, and develop marketing promotions and sales strategies resulting in significant growth.
Professional Experience
Independent Sales and E-Commerce Consulting 2017-Present
Assisting companies by utilizing sales-based pitch tools. Develop sales and marketing programs and presentation packages and E-Commerce strategies to retain existing customers, broaden account base, and increase sales.
MPA Sales, Gardena, CA 2014–2017
Amazon and Zulily Sales Representative and Account Manager
Managed 17 manufacturer accounts for ------------ and 4 manufacturer accounts for ------------ E-commerce websites. Worked with multiple buying teams and product categories including name brand licensed toys, Halloween costumes, sporting goods and infant and toddler merchandise. Monitored weekly and quarterly sales,
and created forecasts for the year to ensure in-stock rates of products to maximize sales volume. Created and monitored thousands of item detail pages which included product video, images and specs. Regularly met and communicated with Amazon and Zulily buying teams to plan events, strategies and promotions for all vendors.
 Increased total Zulily sales 420% in first year. Increased sales from $242K (2013 YTD total) to $3M (2016 YTD total)
 Extensive product knowledge, effective monitoring, management, and analysis of accounts, resulted in an
80.6% average increase in combined sales for 17 Amazon Vendor Central accounts.
 Used Amazon’s associates program to utilize social media campaigns and track conversion rates from social media posts resulting in increased sales and product visibility.
 Created new product opportunities for Zulily in 2014-2016 by expanding beyond driving excess (Close-out) inventory, with the additional offering of main line goods. This increased the amount of items run per sales event, growing overall event performance and number of total sales events per year.
 Due to increased exposure built from 2014 to 2016, top manufacturer’s brand name is now ranked in the top 3 toy brands for ------------.
 Monitored customer reviews and reported issues to manufacturers to ensure high rating for full product
 Built promotional site takeover opportunities which increased marketing, brand visibility, and overall event performance yielding sales 300%-500% greater than an average event.
Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Los Angeles, CA 2013–2014
Sony PlayStation Field Representative
Trained retail store staff and management teams at Target, GameStop, Walmart, Best Buy and Sony stores in over 40 locations in the LA area. Training included educating teams on new PlayStation product functionalities as well as instruction on selling strategies for upcoming releases and accessories. Acted as liaison between SCEA corporate and retailers in order to maximize brand loyalty and retention.
 Met regularly with retail store management to plan individual store merchandising and display placement.
 Scheduled and coordinated monthly in-store promotional events.
 Organized launch event at Universal City Walk to maximize sales in systems, games and accessories for
PlayStation 4 console release.
Best Buy, Atwater Village, Los Angeles, CA 2006–2011
Best Buy Merchandising Specialist, Los Angeles, CA 2009–2011
Responsible for planning, executing and maintaining of functional product displays including TVs, audio, cameras, MP3 Players and computers. Coordinated product installation and floor merchandising displays.
 Worked closely with multiple departments training sales staff on new features and operation of new products in order to increase overall store sales.
 Created an organized and visually appealing display of product that customers could view and sales staff could readily demonstrate functions, features, and comparisons between products and brands.
Magnolia Home Theater Senior Supervisor, Los Angeles, CA 2006–2009
Provided leadership, product expertise, and training sessions for 25 person premium home theater sales department. Presented new strategies and incentives to motivate staff to achieve and surpass department goals. Also responsible for individual sales goals and providing end-to-end solutions to accommodate customers’ unique Home Theater needs.
 Coaching of sales team resulted in surpassing sales goals and consistently being a top performing store in company district.
 Magnolia Atwater Village location always placed in top 3 in company district for product sales, accessories, installations, deliveries and consultations.
 #1 rated salesperson in product sales and service packages for high-end television and audio equipment.
 Built a loyal returning customer base as a result of exceptional product knowledge and service.
Los Angeles Film School, Hollywood, CA, 2005–2006
Film Making Program, Majors: Directing and Producing, Minor: Cinematography
OCC Orchard Ridge, Farmington Hills, MI, June 2002–2003
General Education Liberal Arts Coursework
Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel)  Social Media  Google Docs  Internet Operation
Amazon Vendor Central  Zulily Vendor Portal

E-Commerce, Sales, Account Manager, Sales Representitive, Rep