Merchandiser and photographer
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Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States
University: california state university, north ridge
Major: merchandiser and photography

Merchandiser and photographer

Hello, my name is Kathleen Rostran and I am looking for a job that fits me perfectly. I want to be able to gain skills in management, photography, editorial, public relations, marketing, and styling. I have knowledge and
experience in marketing, I am currently working as a freelance photographer using the platform instagram to spread my work. I do freelance work dealing with models, ani- mals and products. I create a mood board for my photographs. I am in a photography internship that consists of retouching, pre production and post production work. Also, I work on marketing their products, email stylists and editors, and developing ideas and creating unique asthetic for the company. I have experience in public relations
by my other internship, I gained skills in managing showrooms and was taught to use Mayvien. I am a dedicated, and a hardworking person who is looking for a job that can help me with my career especially, in pre and post production in photography, fashion editorial and marketing.

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