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Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
School: Ithaca College
Major: Integrated Marketing Communications


I am currently a rising Junior at Ithaca College working on my degree in Integrated Marketing Communications with a minor in Writing. In my two years here I have worked extensively with local companies working on their marketing to expand their reach through social media platforms. My position as the Social Media Marketer at The Heights Bar and Grill, a high-end restaurant located in Ithaca NY, has taught me how to manage, post, and reach out to clients through Instagram, Facebook, UConnection, ect. This position has also expanded my skills in management and event decorating as I had to coordinate with the client’s vision and ideas to achieve the appropriate look and aesthetics of their event. I also managed a team to help prepare the event and in food services during the event. I have also worked with Julie A. Stone Salon as a personal assistant and nanny, as well as helping with their Instagram expansion.

Applying these skills in other areas of interest such as my internship with College Fashionista have proven to be successful. During my time with them, I helped to create ‘Mood Boards’ predicting the latest trends in fashion as well as studying current blogger’s and influencer’s impact on the fashion world. This internship entailed connecting with other bloggers via College Fashionista and posting on social media to expand their reach within their millennial concentrated target audience.

I will be arriving to Los Angles August 10th and will be available for the semester as I will be continuing my education after this semester with Ithaca college. I strongly believe that I would gain valuable experience as an intern in your company as I desire to gain more real world experiences in this area. Further, I am a fast learner, I have a strong work ethic and my passion in the field of marketing makes me an ideal candidate for the intern position in your company. I hope that I can join your team and contribute in meaningful ways with you.

Social media, personal assistant, marketing