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Location: Santa Monica, CA, USA
School: Clemson University
Major: Elementary Education


Mia Hamm Jr., Sportscaster, Teacher: My top 3 answers to the childhood question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. After my fourth grade teacher told me I would never become Mia Hamm Jr., I worked even harder on the soccer field and basketball court to be the best athlete I could be. When senior year of high school rolled around- Ms. Davidson’s prediction, unfortunately, came true. In 2011 I committed to attending Clemson University in the fall and was now faced with the next defining question, “What is your major?”. My passion for young children and desire to “give back” every day swayed me towards my Education major.
I graduated from Clemson University in 2015 with a degree in Elementary Education and moved to Charlotte to become a Second Grade Teacher. I have now taught in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System for three years. I began my journey at Allenbrook Elementary, a Title One School which was part of a city focused program to help improve high school graduation rates of children from at risk poverty neighborhoods. The learning experiences and challenges overcome in this environment will be major components of my future success. In 2016 I transitioned to Cotswold Elementary IB School and taught Third Grade for two years.

I have discovered a lot about myself personally and professionally during these first three years of teaching. I have learned how to manage and effectively work with parents, children, state standards, co-workers, and administration. I have further developed my ability to communicate with radical candor, whether in intimate settings in person or via phone, or speaking in front of large audiences of children and adults. I have learned that no day will ever go as you planned- no matter how much you prepare for it, so much so that thinking on my feet and rolling with the punches have become second nature. Most importantly, I have learned that a positive attitude and confidence are invaluable when it comes to success.

This attitude and confidence paired with my high energy, enthusiastic personality, and competitive nature has allowed me to be a key player on teams that strive towards a common goal. Determination and Grit are two of my core values that helped me teach in a Title One school and will translate well in a new challenging career. I have achieved success many times in my young career and I am confident I can do the same in my next opportunity. I am excited, hopeful and open to exploring different career options. My hope is that my ideas, passions, and talents align with your organization’s needs, beliefs and missions. Thank you so much for your time. I wish you all the best. Hope to hear from you soon!

Carly Hammack

Education, Tutor, Nanny