Nursing assistant
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Location: Santa Monica, CA, United States
School: minnesota
Major: nursing

Nursing assistant

• Responsible and reliable with a proven work ethic
• Very good empathizing with patients
• Able to set boundaries and rules
• Good communication with working peers
• Can be expected to work independently
Work Experience
• Ecumen of Seasons of Apple Valley
• ------------
• November 2011- 2013
• Nursing Assistant
o Provide Daily Living Cares to residents: Giving medication, oral cares, bathing, dressing, ect.
o Able to recognize out of parameter vital sign and report to the RN
o On time and never late
o Always willing to pick up extra shifts when facility is short staffed
o Recognized frequently as a hard worker from both residents and employees
• Work as a server.
o Provide excellent and prompt service to residents during meals
o Serve food and beverages to residents
o Take many orders from many tables at once
o Bussed and reset tables for the next meal.
o Recognized many times for my efficiently-fast, friendly service.

• Highview Hills Senior Living
• ------------
• January 2011-September 2011
• Worked as a server providing excellent and prompt service to residents during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
• Complimented by residents for my friendly service.
• Voluntarily left to focus on school then work at Ecumen

• Teresa’s Mexican Restaurant
• ------------
• Host
• September 2012- 2013
• Dedicated employee providing excellent customer service, cashiering, phone services, and order taking.
• VA Medical Center
• ------------
• 1E CLC Nursing Assistant
• June 2013-Present
• Provides routine hygienic/activities of daily living care such as; ambulation, bathing, personal care, shaving, oral hygiene, feeding, and escorting them around the VAMC.
• Assisting nurses by performing duties such as monitoring vital signs, preparing and positioning the patients/residents, or by performing a variety of routine diagnostic tests; glucometer test for blood glucose level, bladder scanning, and collection of specimens.
• Utilizes standard precautions such as; gowning and gloving when needed for specific patients/residents, and following hand hygiene when delivering any care.
• Shows a positive attitude toward co-workers and patients/residents with cooperation and respect.
• Patient privacy/confidentiality aiming at increasing the comfort spirit for the patient/resident. Take care of their routine and comfort needs for their well-being, personal hygiene, and physical comfort, prevention of skin breakdown, rehabilitation and safety.
• Recognizes and reports obvious changes in patient conditions including emergencies as of low/high blood glucose, reporting data outside normal limits in vital signs, patient/resident behavior, attitude, bodily complaints/pain, appearance and report the condition of wounds and skin of any reaction to that result for treatment.
• Completes assignments provided by the RN or LPN in a timely and professional fashion.
• I am part of the Clean Team Committee
• Preceptor for new Nursing Assistants at Minneapolis VAMC

• Dakota County Technical College
o January 2013- May 2013
o General Classes
• Lakeville North High School
o September 2008- 2012
o GPA of 3.08
• Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
o November 28, 2011 from the Bloomington-Richfield Community Services
o SECA- District #287
• Bryant Thomas
o ------------
o ------------
o Medical Supply Technician
• Ernest Thomas
o ------------
o ------------
o Health Supply Technician
• Adam Herr
o ------------
o ------------
o Nurse Manager (3L)
• Jerome Brown
o ------------
o ------------
o Social Worker