RN Supervisor
Robynn's Gifted Hands Of Love Personal Care Agency
Milwaukee, WI, USA
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30+ days ago

RN Supervisor

Evaluate clients for the need of services “Conduct in-home assessments”

¨ Secure written orders from the client’s physician

¨ Develop the Plan of Care (POC), interpreting the POC to the personal care worker (PCW), and reviewing the POC at least every 55 to 60 days and updating them as necessary

¨ Notifying the physician and legal representative if any, of any significant change in condition

¨ Giving the PCW written instructions about the services to be performed and arranging for an appropriate person to demonstrate to the PCW how to perform the services

¨ Evaluating the competency of the PCW to perform the services

¨ Completing a supervisory review of the PCW art least every 55 to 60 days. Supervision means face-to-face contact Note: The Medicaid handbook states that the supervisory visits must be done in the clients home at least every 60 days to observe the work providing care

¨ Ensure Agency policies and procedures and industry standards and regulations are followed.

¨ Assist with the coordination, evaluation and planning of home care services.

¨ Assist the Administrator with administrative activities and optimal use of resources.

¨ Develop, implement and evaluate strategic plans, goals and objectives.

¨ Coordinate staffing activities.

¨ Coordinate scheduling activities.

¨ Supervise work activities of designated PCW and other Nurses hired to Agency.

¨ Develop and instruct employees in the use of practices, procedures and equipment.

¨ Train Nursing staff on Assessment, 55-60 days and Plan of Care (POC)

¨ Provide leadership to employees

¨ Make sure timesheet meet standards and requirements for Plan of Care for each client